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Account suspended

Frequent Visitor
Fredrik G Member Since: Oct 4, 2018



I am getting the following message on my Upwork profile's home page:


"Action required: To avoid additional account restrictions, you must complete your identity verification video call with Upwork. You can initiate this call by chatting with an agent here."


When I click on the link attached to "here", I am getting redirected back to the same page with the same message. Instead of redirecting back to the same page, I should be able to contact to Upwork Support but that's not the case.

When I try to click "contact customer support" link, it behaves same and redirects back to the home page with the first message. I have no idea how could I contact customer support in such a situation. I feel like there is something wrong with Upwork, may be a technical issue. Because in any case, one should be able to contact support to have help or resolution.


I have called Upworks support 3 times during the last 5 days, they opened a ticket but I have not heard back from the team that suspended my account, I have also not received any email regarding the suspension from Upwork. I tried to message a moderator here in the community, but I don't have permission to do that it says.


Any help on this would be highly appreciated.




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Yevhen A Member Since: May 16, 2019



I have exactly the same issue. Can't access the support.


Furthermore, I've already pass the video call and uploaded my ID. Now I see "Successfully verified on 2019-05-22" message and requirement to complete my identity verification video call.


I haven't received any emails.


Could someone help?

Active Member
Joaquin D Member Since: Jun 11, 2019

wow same issue i just got now. and i to make matters worst i cant even create a QUESTION on the upwork community. when i try to choose the category of the question is not showing me anything 


can anyone help me pls


when my account got suspended i didnt even received any email .