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Best Payment Method for Mexico // transfering to bank account

Active Member
Michelle M Member Since: Dec 20, 2016

Hello! I'm new in UpWork, and I was wondering to my fellow Mexican freelancers (or other countries) which payment method are you using to get transactions to you bank account? Payoneer or Skrill? Or maybe you can tell me how you get your money, I'm having trouble deciding because of all the fees and charges they made for transfers. Also I don't really want to pay $30 USD for Wire Transfer, that's ridiculous!


Thank you so much for your help.

Community Leader
ramzan33 Member Since: Dec 21, 2013

You can use Paypal or Payoneer. Paypal charge only $1 and Payoneer charge $2 for any withdraw . Thanks for being a great community.

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Jose L Member Since: Jul 1, 2017


I just want to make sure if it is not the best option to add Payment Method as Direct to Local Bank because of high fees? and it is better to use PayPal instead?


If you're in Mexico, what method are you using? What do you recommend me?

Community Guru
Alexander F Member Since: Mar 10, 2017

Payment to Mexican bank is available for one buck. You can set it up in your settings page

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Jesus A Member Since: Mar 5, 2018
Hi Alexander,
can you tell me which bank account do you use? And besides the 0.99 USD you have to pay an extra fee?

I check some banks and most of them charge me around 20 to 30 USD for receive international transfer

I will look forward your response
Active Member
Nissa W Member Since: Jun 28, 2018

Hi Jesus, 


I had the same questions as you. 

I use banco azteca. If you go to their office and ask them, they won't even know they can be set up to Upwork. (As in my case). I think Bancomer/Banamex also works. Just ask for your CLABE, add it in upwork and transfer your payment. 


Upwork will charge you .99 but your bank WILL NOT charge anything. This is because it is NOT a wire transfer, meaning you will NOT receive US dollars. Upwork will send you pesos. So it's basically a local transaction. 


Hope this helps!