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Additional review for new freelancers that want to join Upwork

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Jared K Member Since: Dec 12, 2015
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@Samuel A wrote:

it become painless if the profile is been attented to by a real person not by a robot.

 Not so. A lot of people are overly sensistive and will get their feelings hurt whether the rejection is given by a human or an algorithim. Also, there are a lot of people with overinflated egos and senses of self who will continue to think that they have something to offer, no matter what they are told.

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Chris M Member Since: May 6, 2015
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I'm in favour - only just - of this new review process. All be it warily because of the mention of the dreaded words -'part automated'.


I've always been of the opinion that freelancers should already have 'real world' job experience and a solid set of well defined skills before going freelance and joining any freelancer platform.


The new review process might help reduce the number of applicants with no such experience.


But - like I said - I'm wary of Upwork's ability to review the profiles properly and fairly.

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Muhammad A Member Since: Jun 24, 2015
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I have a question regarding your following statement:


New freelancers who are invited to Upwork directly by clients or by Agency Owners who want them to join the team will bypass this review. That is, by joining Upwork via the direct link from the client or agency owner, they’ll be able to sign up without going through this process.



My Question:  If a new freelancer gets his account activated through the above method, would he/she be able to use his account like normal accounts and apply on other jobs beside the one on which he was invited? Would he/she be able to apply on new jobs and complete his profile and take skill tests? OR would it be a limited profile? 


Thanks in advance!

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Muhammad,


Sorry about the delayed reply. An agency owner can apply on behalf of the agency freelancer whose profile hasn't been approved yet. However, if the agency member wishes to apply to jobs on their own, they will need to have a complete and approved profile. Similarly, if the freelancer was invited to Upwork by their client, they can work on the contract they are invited to, but will need to pass the profile review before applying to any other jobs on the marketplace.

~ Valeria
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Himanshu G Member Since: Dec 18, 2016
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I read as soon as a freelancer acccepts the invite to become an exclusive agency member his profile is approved. One of my agency member has already accpeted the invite to become exclusive agency member but profile is still not approved.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Himanshu,


All new users' registrations are reviewed in the same way, regardless of the potential user's agency association. If approved, the user will be able to use their profile to advertise their skills and bid for jobs on Upwork. Please check Garnor's post on the first page of this thread for further details.

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Saktipadh M Member Since: Apr 8, 2016
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this is absulately right.thank you.

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Spencer V Member Since: Feb 7, 2017
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Hi Garnor,


I have applied to join Upwork as an old business associate directed me there as many years ago we used Scriptlance to hire programmers and I then ended up doing writing, review and other work via the site. Unfortunately, I have I gather been turned down and whilst I initially received an email from a named individual I subsequently received one from the Upworks support team; they provided the link to this chat and another link to a general page why I wasn't accepted.


As an individual who has over 15+ years working in Business and Education, 2 Masters and a Degree: I have written and reviewed websites in the past and my old business associate would like me to review his company website. I gather he can add me and I can work on that project but until my profile passes I can't put proposals in for other jobs. This therefore gives me the impression Upwork are happy to take 20% when it suits but will limit me to this one client.


Whilst I understand you want to limit people entering the site I can see that there are Proofreading and writing jobs; a number of which I would like to put proposals in for but I am lead to believe that my skillset is not good enough and therefore not required. I will make changes to my profile to see if I am permitted to join but as I have been honest already I don't believe it will make much of a difference. Sorry to say a little frustrating and not the best user experience!





Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Spencer,


Please refer to the notification our team sent. While your profile was accepted, you do need to fix the error in your profile title before you could resubmit your profile for review.

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Spencer V Member Since: Feb 7, 2017
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Many thanks Vladimir; I have changed my title and have subsequently resubmitted. Thank you for advising what had to be changed.