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Additional review for new freelancers that want to join Upwork

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Junaid A Member Since: Oct 18, 2018
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Posting on behalf of my relative


Ok what about those profie who resubmited the profile got it approved and got a contract and have a 5 star review and then after the review a notification for verification through  a Video Call verification there profile is limited ? the lady on the Viedo verified the Address and Skills and then she said you will recieve an email and then the email received was your account is limited how to resolve this issue?


Also want to know if a client send an invite To Bring Your Own Freelancer

    Go to the Freelancers tab
    Choose Bring Your Own Freelancer
    Complete the invitation form

Your freelancer will receive an email with your request (which may also include an optional contract offer). They can click on the Get Started link in that email to create an Upwork account, create a basic profile, complete administrative tasks (if applicable), and then be added to your Talent Cloud. They will not be required to fill out a complete profile (but may choose to take that extra step).

"the email which freelancer will receive after clients invitation does that invitation details also have the freelancers email address so the freelancer can create the id and able to receive the email"?


Please expedite


Many Thanks