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Addressing accounts that don’t show work activity

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Manish,


The number of proposals isn't necessarily the issue. This program addresses freelancers accounts that are used to submit a lot of proposals that never or almost never result in contracts. As long as you are getting hired for jobs you apply for, your account should be alright. 

~ Valeria
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Manish G Member Since: Oct 19, 2015
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Thanks Valeria K. for the clarification. 

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Jelena C Member Since: May 7, 2017
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Hi everyone,


I fully understand Upwork's endeavor to deal with overcrowdedness.


However, I think this is pretty demotivating, not only for the people who have just begun, but also for us who have been working for a longer time.


I registered for Upwork back in 2013, but wasn't active for a few years. 7-8 months ago I reactivated it and started sending proposals. It took me 3 months to land my first job! It didn't mean I was a bad freelancer, I guess - right now I am a top rated freelancer. If these rules were running the place back then, I would have been banned, without a chance to succeed.


Also, do this new rules consider one's (low) earnings? I am not one of those freelancers who earn thousands of $ here. Until recently, I had a full-time job, so I only committed part time to my Upwork projects. Of course, I didn't send proposals for new projects during that time. Now, I intend to commit to full-time freelancing.


There's one more thing: I really think you should send something like a warning message before actually suspending an account. Like a note that is supposed to inform the freelancer that they've been sending too many unsuccessful proposals. Or, they haven't earned a lot of money. Or whatever. I just wouldn't like to wake up one morning and find my account suspended.

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Aleh S Member Since: Aug 13, 2015
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Jelena, they claim that UW is a place not for accidental work or other work, but for work. It's no matter how many jobs, full or part time do you have. You need to work there and earn money. In other words, something like an implicit ratio proposals count/hires count works there. If you posted 300 proposals that led you to one hire with 10$ budget, that's not good, you made more white noise than money. I hope it's clear

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "However, I think this is pretty demotivating"


Yes, then that means the program is working.


The policy is intended to motivate perpetually unsuccessful freelancers to move on and focus their efforts elsewhere.


So in that sense, "demotivating" is Upwork's intended goal.


What if a man was horrible at playing golf? But every tournament paid him the same in winnings as they paid the winner of the tournament. He might stick with playing golf, instead of moving on to find his true calling. Which was to be a surgeon. Who performed surgery on your sister and saved her life.


That is what this program is all about. Helping people find their true callings and saving lives.

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Shahzaib A Member Since: Aug 24, 2017
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Clients prefer experienced users with good ratings over fresh freelancers, this is (I believe) is major reason why most freelancers fail to win a contract in first month of their joining. This is plain and simple, it has nothing to do with their inability to secure a contract regardless of how good their communication and respective skills and portfolios are.


Saying new freelancers "white noise" or suspending their accounts just because they couldn't get to win a contract is downright rude to say the least and even more when there's no notification mechanism in place (correct me if I missed it) to notify freelancers if they are sending too many proposals or some warning system of some sort.


Upwork benefits from both the client and freelancer, be it new or experienced. Why not closing new user registrations altogether if such a white noise these new freelancers are?

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Mst. D Member Since: May 3, 2016
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Suppose a freelancer account suspend. And some previous client's or new clients want to hire the freelancer (which profile suspend). So, is it possible that time to reactivate the account?

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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If a freelancer has an active contract and is suspended as a part of this program, the freelancer can complete the ongoing contract. The won't, however, be able to get hired for a new contract.

~ Valeria
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Mst. D Member Since: May 3, 2016
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Valeria KSo there is no any opportunity if a freelancer work 1500 hours and got suspend due to high apply ratio? And want to hire a client?

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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The freelancer you are referring to has to check the notifications Upwork team sent to them. If they were informed that they can appeal the decision they can go ahead and do that. If their appeal has already been declined, unfortunately, their account will remain closed.

~ Valeria