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Addressing accounts that don’t show work activity

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Dmitry B Member Since: Nov 29, 2016
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I suggest that you spend less time
reading Russian forums about Upwork
and more time learning how to improve
your profile and your marketing skills.

People are frustrated, that's why they may write aggressive and rude messages. However they're right. I've never seen a good banning system. Have you? Of course it will accidentally ban innocent freelancers. I know some of them (and for sure won't name their nick names). They have been banned, and opened another account. Now their new accounts have a good work history and JSS > 90%. Does your banning system work well? No, it doesn't. Does Support help to unban freelancers? No, it doesn't. I guess this is not professional.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Dmitry,


Please note that users are not allowed to create duplicate accounts as per Upwork ToS and I can confirm we have a process in place to address only accounts that fit in one of the two groups Garnor mentioned. 

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Umair T Member Since: Feb 7, 2017
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what process?

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Maksym P Member Since: Dec 27, 2016
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Well, I would like to say my opinion as well. 

That innovation that you implemented is not acceptable and I will try to explain to you why.


1) I have a statistic of my activity in this month: 37 proposals → 6 contracts. Well, it seems conversion is good, right? But here as lucky! I used my search filter to find a customer (verified payment method, rating, history etc.) and I apply for jobs I'm sure I can complete — but there is one BUT — your "BEST MATCH". The first difficulty (i.e. 50 proposals in first 30 minutes) is okay, but how about your badge? There is a small chance that the client will generally see you in that list. 


2) About my JSS. I've already opened 3 topics about "what is happening with my JSS". The history is: After 3.70 feedback my JSS fell down to 89% (-11%). Then I've got one contract without feedback and it fell down again to 82%. I've already finished 6 CONTRACTS with 5 stars (and believe me all my customers are happy, I can provide you their words "awesome", "it looks great" etc.) and you know what? My JSS increased by only 6% (!) One 5 stars contract = 1%? One bad contract = -8-11%. Really? 


3) Let's talk about dumping guys from India: okay, there are 50 proposals, there is "best match" badge. But what about if client set the budget $300 and someone set minimum $50 or $100? And the customer will hire this cheap guy. My friend and I already have cases when the customer wrote to hire us after bad work with such dumping guys. 


4) And the last thing is when you send a proposal to the customer and he invited you to the interview and suddenly what? That's right — he disappears. I've already had some of this type of clients. And if before it is okay, but right now you can be suspended by not your reason because you didn't get the contract. 


I spoke to my Upwork's friend and believe me they do not like this "innovation". And this is a bad signal for Upwork. You ask it "improve the quality of our work" but in a fact you have to keep in the fear of your freelancers. Because if he will get one contract in the amount of $1k+ , but only one per month the ratio of sent proposals — he will be suspended in accordance with its conversion. 


I'd like to see those who are happy with this innovation, and what they say in a couple of months, because I have seen some posts on Internet where people say that their accounts are banned (3k worked hours).


If you want to get rid of no profit freelancers, make paid proposals. Believe me, after two unsuccessful months he will leave by himself. 


I hope Upwork will be on the right path sometime. 

Best regards, 


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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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If they have 3000+ hours worked and have been banned it's not because of this change (unless they were banned because they were found to be circumventing, which was one of the things this change is targeting).

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Yoshua S Member Since: Nov 9, 2016
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Hi Jennifer,

I'm not new to Upwork, but I'm new to the community. I came here because I heard that many Indonesians with high hours count were banned due to reasons that fell under what was explained in this topic.

So basically what you're saying is that high-hours and experienced freelancers are banned because of circumventing?

I just want to make sure, because to be honest I'm afraid. Proposals get declined every time - no matter who you are, so I need to feel secure although I only have just reached my 100 hours milestone.

Would love if you can shed some more light!




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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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@Yoshua S wrote:

So basically what you're saying is that high-hours and experienced freelancers are banned because of circumventing?

 If you circumvent Upwork, expect to be banned sooner or later.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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Yoshua S Member Since: Nov 9, 2016
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I know. I meant, was this then the obvious cause for those high-hour freelancers who claimed that they were banned with "no reason?".


I should have made myself clearer, sorry!

Community Manager
Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hi Yoshua,


I understand your concern, but please know we are not closing a large number of freelancer accounts. We have found only a small portion of our registered users are submitting many proposals but not winning any (or very few) contracts. 



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Yoshua S Member Since: Nov 9, 2016
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Hi Lena,


Thanks for replying. I understand that you guys must have some specific criteria that determine whether a freelancer would be banned or not?


I mean, I would be sad to see newbies getting banned because they are very spirited and eager to start working (thus applying for a lot of jobs in their skill areas), not getting any hire, and then get banned.


I remember how hard it was for me too.