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Karol T Member Since: Mar 26, 2014
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I'm an Odesker and Elancer and I have good profiles in both platforms. In this merge, do you have any plans for people in both places? For example, would I lose one of my profiles or would they merge or add? 



Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Karol,


We're working on a solution for those of you who have active working profiles on both Elance and oDesk and want to merge these two work histories into one. If you already have an active profile on oDesk it's best to wait until this solution is finalized.

~ Valeria
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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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I think this is a good option. But again those who only worked at oDesk might fall behind in terms of Total hours, Total jobs, Total earned etc. as you cannot log 24+ hours a day only working on oDesk.

Hope you will have that under consideration.

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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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Logic says you can't log 24+ hours a day working anywhere. If you're actually working that is.

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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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Why not? You can log hours on multiple platform at a time! Odesk cannot trace hours logged outside oDesk!

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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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Are you serious?


It's not about what oDesk can trace and can not trace. It's about your integrity as a freelancer. 


If you're actively working on one client's job, you physically can't be working on another client's project - on this, or on any other platform. There are just a couple exceptions to this that I can think of, and each of those has to be thoroughly talked through with the client before being logged on a time-tracker. Otherwise you're just deceiving the people that have trusted you.

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Ziad R Member Since: Jul 11, 2015
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Almost a week ago when this news came to me - It terrified me... For somebody who has worked on elance for 8 years it's just hard for them to see it wining down when personally i feel elance has to best user experince, easy layout and "it just makes sense" it has it's own envioment from freelancers to clients it's just a very special kind of people. I really many clients might just wanna skip upwork and get their job done else where resulting in loss.


I think they both should work sepertaly respectivly and continue to carry on how they have been.



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Djordje J Member Since: Jul 16, 2015
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The option of you becoming a premiere freelance option is non-existent. just within the last month i took $3000 worth of business into direct dealing with my regular clients. That is $300 just from me. The reason behind this is the "quality" of your platform and an "advanced" approach to business. UW is at leat 5 classes below Elance platform (and especially Elance community of freelancers and clients) and your offer is so attractive that i already made preparatrions and took all my clients off both of your platforms. Now, take into consideration that elancing is my full time job and that i make at least $1500 a month online. For the quality of my work, you may reffer to the Elance feedback. having 5 stars there is near to impossible. Here, every other freelancer can get it. My point is - you don't have a well defined community, and the main reason for this occurence is that your platform is simply -BAD. I am adamant in my insistance to get a fair chance Elance used to provide and unless you decide to take a smart turn in your business policy - my sweet 10% will go to charity or extracarricular activities. I wouldn't mind paying even 15 % of the gross contract if you had decency to offer the fair terms and a community that values quality.  Unfortunatelly, you are everything opposite to that. Good luck and my sincere wishes that you all get bankrupt in matter of months!