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Changes to My Freelancers Page for Clients

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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We’ve made changes to clients’ My Freelancers page to make it easier for clients to see all freelancers they’ve worked with in one place. We are retiring the current layout of the My Freelancers page and consolidating current and past freelancer information into one page, making the information readily available to provide a more efficient user experience.


The My Freelancers page previously linked to the following information: Past Hires, Current Hires, BYOF and Pending Offers. We haven’t removed any of the functionality that exists today, we’ve just re-housed where the information is found. My Freelancers will remain in the navigation but will now link to the Hires section on the Find Freelancers page. Details for each change are shared below:


Current Hires and Past Hires

We have added current hires to the Find Freelancer page which already linked to Past Hires and Saved Freelancers. By adding current hires to this page, clients will now have the ability to find all the freelancers that they’re working with in one place.


The Past Hires tab will now be called Hires. This is also where the My Freelancers navigation option will take you.  With all freelancers housed in one place, we eliminated the need to have to click back and forth between separate pages.

Freelancers with active contracts will sit at the top of the page, followed by freelancers with inactive contracts.

Active contracts will be marked with Active icon.png , and clients will have options to invite a freelancer to a job or rehire them directly from this page.

MyFreelancer page.png


BYO Freelancer

The page to invite freelancers as part of Upwork’s Bring Your Own Freelancer program will still be accessible through the menu option under Freelancers. Just select the “Freelancers” tab at the top of the page and choose “Bring Your Own Freelancer” from the drop-down menu.


Pending Offers

The Pending Offers page was previously housed in duplicate areas and will now solely be found on the Contracts page. To display only pending offers, just select “All Contracts” from the “Jobs” tab at the top of the page, and filter “Contract Status by Pending.”


Contracts Page.png

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Elisa M Member Since: Jul 20, 2018
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I wish there was still an option to JUST see my active freelancers in one place, without having to go search for them through the huge list of people we've hired over the years.  It makes it a lot harder to manage.  I have to search for each individual by name and open up their contract in a separate tab.  It's a lot more clicks and effort.