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Re: Closing Fixed Price contracts with no activity

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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@SHAWN G wrote:

I agree,  user agreement states contract is over when the client or freelancer closes it.  Upwork is doing wrong by their changes to contract between client and freelancer.

 The section of the ToS you're looking for is in Fixed Price Escrow Instructions, section 3, "Dormant Engagements".


Upwork is not a bank and legally cannot hold funds in escrow indefinitely.

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MG Arfath A Member Since: Jul 17, 2010
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I tried my best not to write any post here but the situation has grown to worse now!


I know all that I write here none from upwork is going to care about this but the measures taken today by upwork this time are simply beyond my belief. I have lost all my reputation in a matter of hours thanks to the 'no feedback given' honors on my profile.


According to you if a client hires me and stops communications abruptly and makes no payment at all AND after 90 days upwork will end the contract and I get negative JS becoz of my client bieng non-responsive. YOU THINK THATS FAIR ????


Some clients runs away or become uninterested in middle of the work they leave contracts without responding to our emails, they don't make payments and we end up bearing the brunt ??? Remember about 1 year ago on upwork / oDesk there was no Escrow or Dispute system  for fixed contracts.

Why is that all the time WE FREELANCERS have to pay the price, when connects were introduced there was a promise that there won't be spamming from clients but They ARE STILL clients who spam around.


More than 10 contracts of mine ended some of them were people who never cared to respond to us or pay us and now we are going to pay for these fellows by losing our reputation I'm now a TOP RATED service provider but the next JS score calculation will show me no where.


Please take a leaf from the book of other outsourcing / freelancing platforms they charge or over charge the freelancers but they don't comeup with this JS kind of things that makes freelancing a risky business.



PS: Seriously YOU Think some one will hire me if he sees 10 'no feedback given' decorative stars / badges on my profile. What a mess.

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Beth T Member Since: Jan 18, 2015
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So when will this start happening with hourly contracts too?


Today I took the embarrassing step of contacting inactive hourly clients and asking them to end the contract and leave feedback, because I wasn't sure if the contract would soon/eventually be terminated automatically. I did this because most clients won't leave feedback on auto-ended contracts, and now I have five or so no-feedback closeouts in a row on my profile. I'd like to bury them with positive feedback.


Meanwhile, I have hardly any work this week. I've been on oDesk for over five years and have not made any complaints in the forums until 2015. I want to be professional and maintain a good relationship with Upwork, but I also don't want to be afraid of expressing all the difficulties I've had recently.

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Michael R Member Since: May 18, 2015
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@Garnor M wrote:


  • If there is no activity at the 90 day mark, Upwork will close these projects and notify freelancers. At the time of this closure, the client is again notified on the site to leave final ratings.


 I was in contact with the client this afternoon, and he told me there is no opportunity for feedback at the closed contract.


But let's summarize the whole operation. It could have a deep negative impact for same freelancers, and all Upwork says about this is "Deal with it"? I'm impressed, very impressed. I don't know which kind of business the management is developing, but I thought I know the core of the existing business. Upwork sell the service, delivered by freelancers, and a lot of top freelancers, to the clients. This business works, because most of the clients are satisfied with the service they receive and are willing to pay for it. In fact the clients bring the money to the platform. They are willing to pay for the best service, which is promoted by Upwork. And what happened in the recent month? Applications of freelancers are hidden by a mystic algorithm, that decides the "compatibility" of certain freelancers for a job, and no one know how to apply for a job without being hidden by a robot. On the other side clients getting recommandition with freelancer that not match to the requirements of the job. Means matching freelancers are maybe hidden, and the client is frustrated by the recommendations.


Next the JS. Overall I think it is not a bad tool, but the sufficient information, how the freelancer can maintain the JS is missing. A lot of the current Top Rated freelancers are working with excelent feedback since several years, and now they are working with the fear they could lose this badge. Every new client could be the one that takes your badge, espaciacaly if they are new clients without history and feedback. I personaly don't apply, if a client has no feedback, but hey, there are many existing clients with a large number of feedback. And what happen? The feedback of the client disappears.


Now you damage the profile of many freelancers by closing inactive contracts without any announcements. The longer they are working at oDesk/Upwork, the harder they are hit by this smart operation.


There are many other things, but I don't want to list them all. They are all listed in threads here in the forum, and you need a lot of time, if you want to read them all. So what's the result of all this? Freelancers are disapointed, and if they cannot deal with the situation, they will look for other opportunities, certainly many of the current top rated freelancers. For clients it will be more and more difficult to find the best freelancer for their jobs. Either bcause too many of the good freelancers are gone or because they try the quality recommandations with disappointing results. Finaly the clients will do the same like the frustrated freelancers. Existing clients will leave after long time of satisfied collaboration with oDesk/Upwork, and many new clients will leave after their first try.


I really hope things will change, because I started my career as freelancer at oDesk and I don't want to leave, but I have the impression the people who are planing the progress are runing though a tunnel with an abyss as exit. Maybe this is just because there is no information what's the direction, what's coming and what's the goal. Maybe not.

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Susanne D Member Since: Mar 15, 2015
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Michael, I think you summed it up. What IS happening here, that the people who decide this kind of actions do not see they are killing their business?

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Michael and Isabelle,


Both the client and the freelancer will have a notification on their profile asking them to provide feedback on the recently closed contract:


Contracts - Google Chrome (07-21-2015 11.29.54).png

~ Valeria
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Corinne L Member Since: Jun 3, 2013
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@Sandra : "do you really think a client who didn't close for 76 days and gets two emails with another 14 days of opportunity, will make use of another 14 days to give feedback after Upwork closes the contract? Not 100% impossible, of course, but let's be honest, highly doubtful."


Well, I just told one of my clients yesterday that Upwork closed my contracts and could he try to give me a feedback and he gave me a 5 stars feedback today.

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Except, Valeria, that the kind of clients we're dealing with here probably won't be around to see that...which is the crux of the whole problem. 

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MERCY N Member Since: May 6, 2015
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Valerie said,

Both the client and the freelancer will have a notification on their profile asking them to provide feedback on the recently closed contract:


I can actually vouch this is happening. I got 2 contracts closed in quick succession this week.


However, I can't help wondering why the same regard being shown the client in being warned about the impending closure of account cannot be extended to the freelancer as well. Take the case of a freelancer like the contributor (sorry, lost your name) who says his client is in some part of Asia where logging onto the site is often problematic. The contractor may have a different way of contacting the client (maybe a text) if only he gets to see the warning on the 'inactive' contract. And as you can see there is the issue of unpaid dues.


Besides, a contract cannot be what it is without the participation of both parties. Why then favor one over the other with information, and not just information, but crucial information? Yes - I mean those warnings.


Something else: Some clients are so organized they know what contractor does what for them in what season. So what may seem to Upwork like a long time of inactivity (3mths) may, in effect, not be long for the parties concerned - both the contractor as well as the client. Can you imagine a client who has 10 long term contractors each of whom updates a set bunch of websites for them in regular intervals of, say 3 - 4 months.  All that organization is put to naught by this one 'rule of 3' and the client has to do fresh rehiring each time. I think we need to look at these things more broadly.


So, Valerie, what's your take on the idea of sending the contractor that information/warning as well? 

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Mercy,


Improving communication and notifying freelancers about inactive contract that are about to be closed is something the team is working on currently. We have taken the feedback we heard from the Community into consideration and will use it to make the process better.

~ Valeria