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Coming soon: our highly requested, fresh-off-the-presses approach to fixed-price jobs

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Jacques A Member Since: Oct 19, 2013
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progress update would be good Smiley Happy i am excited for this to be the default.
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Rudi G Member Since: Jun 6, 2009
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Thanks for adding this feature to the platform.
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Charlene R Member Since: Jul 3, 2013
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I am most pleased oDesk is implementing this system. While no system is perfect, I have worked on both and have had far fewer problems with an escrow system. Having the client put in an upfront payment scares away a lot of scammers. Actual clients have no problem with it when they understand the money is held by the website. It works.
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Joe K Member Since: Sep 13, 2009
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I have also had a positive experience with this other escrow system. I agree when they have to put the money up front, the cheaters and scammers run away. In this global marketplace, there are some people who do not play fair. Some of them are providers, some of them are clients. We need to recognize that these people exist, and implement systems like this to minimize the damage they cause.
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Kausar R Member Since: Feb 25, 2014
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Odesk team.. plz tell me. what problem is there in my profile that i have applied many jobs but no response i found from clients. and my name not got hyperlink in "Applicant list" when i apply for that job. what is problem there. plz guide me
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Chad W Member Since: Nov 24, 2010
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I work fixed-price exclusively via any platform. I have never, ever had a problem securing a 50% deposit. Many clients, post-interview, choose to pay 100% (though I do not request this). I do not approve of this new model in the slightest; I see no positives (in my personal case) and considerable potential for abuse from the clients' side. Perhaps I'm the one who stands to be corrected, but it sure seems to me like someone's not thinking things through at oDesk lately. Not impressed.
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Romet L Member Since: Aug 24, 2012
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+1 I don't like the fact that with this model the client can ask for unlimited revisions and cut your hourly earnings down to almost nothing, nor am I happy with the delay in payments. oDesk already makes you wait for a week, while the payment is "pending" and while I generally try to complete the smaller projects within 24 hours, the client can make me wait for a month to receive the payment. Is oDesk systematically trying to take away the advantages of being a Freelancer? The hourly projects require you to also install the oDesk team app, so that the client could constantly look "over your shoulder" and play a scary boss. This system just makes me want to focus more on finding work outside of oDesk and makes me less willing to take on new clients here, whom I haven't worked with before. Just one bad client can bring you a lot of stress for a whole month and I don't enjoy the trapped feeling.
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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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I joined oDesk in September of 2009, and all was fine until the last quarter of 2013 and especially the first quarter of 2014 when oDesk made changes (e.g., hidden applications and new client search for freelancers algorithm) that resulted in far fewer invitations and less hires due to clients low-ball offers. Soon after joining oDesk, I learned that fixed price jobs were not in my best interest. Recently I have been trying to negotiate hourly assignments yet using fixed prices in the form of agreed to bonus payment amounts for an agreed to task or group of tasks--a high-risk venture for me as a freelancer since I do not charge upfront payments. Maybe the new approach to fixed price jobs will discourage clients from trying to pay freelancers inferior payments for their services (or not paying at all). That's the real problem with oDesk; more and more clients trying to get work done for next to nothing, and freelancers willing to do it. ODesk needs to establish minimum pay requirements for both hourly and fixed price assignments. Possibly with some type of exceptions for low-end work that might warrant clients' low-ball offers. ODesk is currently attracting clients based on cheap labor over any other factor. Ocala, Florida USA
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Cathy W Member Since: May 29, 2011
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I've given up on oDesk because I can't work for $2.00 per hour and the fear of not getting paid for fixed jobs.
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Dom R Member Since: Oct 24, 2013
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As an agency with hard costs and overhead, I will absolutely not start a project without a down payment. While I strongly approve of the milestone format you guys picked up, I really think that down payments should be an option to freelancers. If we are willing ask for down payments when our competition does not, it should say something about the quality of our service. With down payments completely disabled, I now have to explain to my clients that they need to set, fund, and release a "down payment" milestone, which feels clunky and out-of-touch.