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Apr 20, 2022
Community Revamp - 04/20/2022

Community may look a tad different when visiting today!

We’re excited to roll out our revamped look and feel throughout the Upwork Community. While things may look different, you’ll find nearly everything you are used to about Community is still in the same spot you are familiar with.

If you are interested in what specifically has changed, read on below! This is the most significant update the Upwork Community has gone through since its inception. We started at the foundation and rebuilt much of how Community functions to allow us to be much more flexible in the future and allow us to continue to scale up.

Our work isn’t done, and we’ll have plenty more updates coming. We’re also very aware there could be some bugs as we roll out such a large change; we’ll be resolving these as quickly as possible. We encourage you to head over to our feedback thread to provide us with any feedback or report any oddities you may encounter.

Here’s our breakdown of the changes:

New Header

We’ve introduced a new header. You’ll find all of your familiar options, notifications, and more in a more meaningful and condensed format.

New Footer

We’ve updated the footer to include more thoughtful and helpful links to the Community and updated the style to match other Upwork properties.

New Homepage

Our homepage has been refreshed for a more modern look that now matches the rest of Upwork properties. We’ve also taken the time to highlight our most popular areas of Community, trending topics, and showcasing community activity in the moment.

Node Tiles

We’ve added navigational tiles throughout the Community to help you quickly find what you are looking for and see brief descriptions of areas.

Forum updates

We’ve given the forum landing page a new look to match the updated style. We’ve brought back the pagination option within the threaded view and have sunset the ‘Load More’ functionality. Sorting order within threads will use the default sorting order of oldest first. You can personalize this within your settings.

Article Tiles

We’ve updated the styling of how we display new blog articles and content throughout the Community in order to show more content on the page at once. We’ll continue testing different styling as we launch more content programs throughout the year.

Homepage Carousel

We are removing our old carousel and creating an updated, more modern carousel that will showcase trending activity within Community.

Launch of Events Section

We’re excited to launch our Events section in Community, a one-stop-shop for all upcoming, live, and past Community events. This section will continue to undergo some large updates in the near future as we enhance our Events capabilities.

Labels, Tags, Categories

Over the coming weeks, you’ll start to see Labels, Tags, and Categories popping up. These attributes will be added to content throughout Community to allow for it to be more easily filtered, sorted, and digested. You’ll also be able to subscribe to labels and tags if you wish to be notified anytime a piece of content is published with it attached.

Additional Features, Enhancements, or Changes

Suggested posts

When creating new posts, Community will provide suggestions of posts that already exist, allowing you to potentially find answers before asking!

Expanded inactivity time in Community—members will not be prompted to log back in as often.

We’ve updated the default notification settings for new members. As always, these can be personalized in your Community settings.

Enabled Content Mentions

Let’s say you’re responding to a forum post and you want to link to another post that includes some helpful information. Using the Rich Text editor, type the @ symbol. Before any letters are added after the @symbol, A default list of content authored by the current users appears in a pop-up.

Provide us feedback here