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Dec 22, 2014
Community User Ranks Explained

Hi all,

We’ve heard from some of you who have questions on the titles that show under your profile name here on the Upwork Community. I’m here to shed more light on these user "rankings" and how they work.


Ranks are intended to help all of us identify frequent and valued contributors to the Upwork Community. This is a common practice in many online communities where it’s helpful for users to quickly identify those participants who are most active.  Some communities even find this to be a motivating function for their users, as graduating up the rankings becomes a fun and engaging exercise.


The rankings are largely based on activity and "age", i.e. how long you've been registered on the Community. We also have some user ranks reserved for Upwork teams and the occasional "guest" participant. You’ll graduate up the rankings as you’ve been on the Community, posted to discussions and viewed threads.


Here then is a summary of the user ranks, in order of newest to most experienced:

  1. Forum explorer
  2. Frequent visitor
  3. Active member
  4. Power member
  5. Ace Contributor
  6. Community Leader
  7. Community Guru
  8. VIP (Upwork can also assign this rank)


Additional ranks assigned by Upwork:

  • Community Manager
  • Moderator
  • Staff
  • Featured Content Expert