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Connects Change Rollout Update and Frequently Asked Questions

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Elena L Member Since: May 27, 2019
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You are right. Most of the time, hirers do not reject your proposal, they just leave the post there and hire someone. Out of hundreds of proposals I sent, I got only one rejection and that would be the only time to get my connects back so this is an issue to address as well.
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Abdo M Member Since: May 24, 2019
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So Upwork is saying that freelancers will usually spend $5 monthly,

Now, I just finished 48 connects for just 12 proposal ! in 7 DAYS ONLY!

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Joan S Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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That cost you $1 per day. Outrageous!

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Caroline W Member Since: Mar 11, 2019
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Surely the answer to Lena's question is "Lucky  you. You'll only have to use 2 connects for a job that might earn you far more than $5."



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Daniel O Member Since: Jul 11, 2017
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Only just hearing about this insane UpWork cash grab. $0.15 cents a connect. Can't believe the VP actually had the gall to say this - 


"I actually do not believe that this change will make it harder for new freelancers"


Well, I think that a developer in Mumbai trying to make ends meet might have something to say about that, or anybody else working from such regions?


I think it will work out fairly well, for me. There will be less competition. But its really crushing off the younger talent and super centralizing the marketplace. 


Cue the modo-robots generic statements  - it will make it better for everybody LMAO. It will crush the many, and raise up the few, as always. 









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Joan S Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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So, Daniel, maybe someone in India or in that part of the world should start their version of Upwork. Upwork is a business. It won't stay in business if it continues to lose money.

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Dwight S Member Since: Mar 11, 2015
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what kind of dumb response is that? justification for the money grab, sorry doesn't even come close. I think upwork staff, mangement etc think there will be no repucusions from this, I bet their wrong.



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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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Lena E wrote:


How do you determine how many Connects are needed to submit a proposal for a job?

Thanks for your question. We calculate the number of Connects needed based on the projected job value -- determined using estimated duration and budget amount --  as well as marketplace demand. A longer-term job with a high budget will require more Connects than a small project.

For example, we currently estimate the following:

Quick jobs for $50 or less - One or two Connects will be needed

Short-term jobs (less than a week) with a budget of $50 to $600 - Three or four Connects needed

Longer-term jobs with a budget of $600 and up - Five or six Connects needed


For example, it’ll take fewer Connects to submit a proposal for a job with a $40 budget that is expected to last one day than it will for a bigger project where you can earn $1,000 or more.

How do you calculate the Connects price for an hourly job?

When a client posts an hourly job they select an experience level, time requirement and job duration. We use these to estimate the projected budget. If any of these details are not specified in the job post, we use the other info provided to determine the Connects price.


I have a few concerns about these points. Budget and job duration aren't necessarily two things that go hand-in-hand. I've seen long duration jobs with small budgets, and vice versa. So which will carry the most weight? Also, sometimes clients know that they're going to be busy and won't be able to provide feedback quickly, and/or they're not in a rush to get their job finished, in which case they'll post a longer job duration than is actually warranted by the project. I'm just wondering how these variables are going to be handled. 


With hourly jobs, it's even more problematic. I've seen many projects where a client supposedly wants to hire an expert but only wants to pay a low rate, and again, they often don't have a clue as to how long their job will take.


I just think that this new system is leaving too much in the hands of the clients to accurately determine the price and duration of their projects, when many of them aren't capable of doing so. My worry is that if a client overvalues their project, freelancers won't want to waste their connects, then the client will get hardly any bids and take their business elsewhere. Meanwhile, clients who undervalue their projects will still get tons of bids because it'll cost freelancers fewer connects. It seems like a basic flaw in the new system.



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Hermann M Member Since: Jul 8, 2018
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Ive had jobs that were advertised as $$$ - less than 30 hours/week less than 6 months that tunred out to be a 10 hour job - all the client wanted was the setup of one AW campaign and landing page - with this new system that would have meant 6 connects - AW does not realize that many clients are not well educated about the system or deliberatly give false information to try anf get a top rated fl for a minor job


Also the main question I have; when I pay money for something I expect something in return - what about the near 60 applications I have send out over the last 6 weeks where 98% of the advertised jobs were not given to anyone and did n't even bother to respond - they were all $$$ jobs and would all have cost me 6 credits each - results 1 job for $300.00 - that just covers my  SEMRush monthly fee 


AW should be more concerned with making sure the client quality is not dropping as fast as it is right now

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Anna L Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Sorry, as the "Subscribe to RSS" for this blog post is not working properly, I guess, I just have to add a comment on this. I want to read what freelancers have to say. I'm afraid, this upcoming change means losing my career here. It just won't be profitable anymore.