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Connects and Memberships Live

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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>>I can't tell when you are being serious or facetious. 


My post was 100% factual and serious.


Based on my extensive reading of Community Forum postings, I am aware that many oDesk contractors feel the new Connects and Job Success programs pose problems for them. My own experience, has been how I described.


I believe it is going on 5 or 6 months now since I was sending out multiple job applications. Since then, I think it is just 3 jobs I have sent applications to. I'm regularly getting high-quality invites, even though I have been raising my rates.


There are a lot of other people who have had experiences similar to my own, but most of them don't post regularly in the community forum.

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Preston thanks for clarifying. I am happy to see others are having a postive experience. I too believe it will take some time for some to adjust but the system will work for everyone once it has settled in.

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Garrett M Member Since: Feb 13, 2015
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You already make 10% of our earnings, now you want to charge us a monthly fee as well? 

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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Are you a freelancer running a business? Work it into your cost of doing business. If you take your business seriously and are not some fly by night freelancer then this should present no problems.


If you don't want the benefits that the PLUS membership gives you, then don't use it.

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Diego M Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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I'll just move my things to another site, less complicated, cheaper and less agressive with the workers. Hopefully, I'll come back once the old system is restablished, if that ever happens. 

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Good luck with that, then...

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Khurram S Member Since: Apr 30, 2015
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Hi Odesker,


I am realy happy with new system. Why? because it reduces spamming. connect give us time before we apply and allow us to read the job description carefully if you applied that job that doesnt meet our skill so we lose connect Next time we will carefully apply for Job.

Smiley Wink








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Rakesh K Member Since: May 9, 2015
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I am bother about the fake jobs and fake clients creating new jobs. as agency members only can work if they pay for membership but as system have some holes how an agency will successfully work here.

if you read this whole conversation you can understand it easily


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Md. Ashfak S Member Since: Oct 8, 2010
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I'm quite sad about the new changes for agencies.

It seems like i have to abandon my agency which i was created last year.

I have growing oppertunities but i can't grow because of the new the new system.

I'm from bangladesh. We don't have paypal here.

And also i don't want any credit card hassles.

But as the new system i have to update my billing information to use the agency.


Also i'm really sad to see that oDesk has just changed into some blood sucking business.

Yes! that's how it feels like.


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Neha P Member Since: Jun 12, 2015
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I want to get this to the notice of upwork that it is not fair to charge same amount from a startup which earns not even $500 (out of which 10% you already deduct at source as commision) and a well established agency which earns $50,000. You should come up with a more agency friendly policies. I am fine to pay an amount for being able to use agency plus benifits but it should be affordable. Why dont you add charges per member basis so that as an agency grows, your charges grow. Say $1 per agency member per month.


I am running an agency on upwork from last 4 years, I have a small clientele and a stable business but I still can not afford $240 a year in addition to the 10% commision. Can you please take this into priority list and do something about it else I forsee a lot of genuine upwork agencies moving out of upwork.