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Direct Contracts now live for all freelancers

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Justin H Member Since: Apr 16, 2021
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I want to use Direct Contracts with a friend to manage work between us, but he already has an Upwork account from before. Direct Contracts says that you can only invite "non Upwork" clients, which I assume means someone who's email isn't registered with Upwork - but since I still brought in this client myself we'd still like to do the project at the lower 3.4% fee. Is the only way they can accept the Direct Contract invite would be to accept it with an email that's not already registered with Upwork?

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Justin,


Thanks for the message. Please note that Direct Contracts can only be used with clients who do not have an Upwork account. I moved your post to the main thread discussing Direct Contracts feature. You can find more information about Direct Contracts in this Help article.

Can you please confirm if the client recently created their account and whether you used our “Bring Your Own Client” option to invite them to join Upwork?

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Muhammad Usman I Member Since: Oct 27, 2020
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Hey Upwork Community members,

I want to get the payment from my direct client. He is also from my city. I didn't trust on him so that's why I asked him to pay through the upwork direct contract. He agreed but when he tried to put the payment in the escrow he faces some issues. I have attached the screenshot please have a look. He facing the technical issues during adding the payment method. Please respond me ASAP!



Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Muhammad, 

I'm sorry for the delay. I can't seem to identify the contract you are referring to. Do you have more information you can share so that our team can investigate it further?


Please disregard my message earlier. We were able to locate the contract you are referring to, and the Customer Support Team will reach out to your client directly to assist them with their billing method concern.


Let us know if our team can assist you further with anything. 

~ Avery
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Novreza R Member Since: Apr 18, 2021
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My client can't accept the direct contract that I sent, what should I do? I really want to use Upwork for my project..

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Andrea G Moderator Member Since: Jul 7, 2020
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Hi Novreza,


I can see you were able to submit a support ticket with our team regarding this. Please allow some time for our team to review and they will update you directly via ticket as soon as possible.



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Novreza R Member Since: Apr 18, 2021
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Still errorimage (17).png

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Novreza,


I already followed up with the team handling your case and you can expect an update on your support tickets very soon.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Ahmad W Member Since: Apr 28, 2021
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I have a client , i got him outside of upwork .. i wanted to create a direct contract with him to get paid , i found out that he is an existing upwork client.

so should he create a job and hire me instantly by invitation and pay me ? 


Community Guru
Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Ahmad W wrote:

should he create a job and hire me instantly by invitation and pay me ? 


He can just go to your profile and click on "Hire".

A Direct Contract won't be possible, so the usual fees apply.