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Elevating our workplace with a new minimum rate

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David G Member Since: Nov 12, 2014
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Noo!  I can't believe you decided to try and solve what NO Government ever has and that is what is the value of an hourly wage.  The beauty of the free market is that it is the most pure way to decide the value of ones worth.  That's what I truly loved about oDesk and the reason I have hired consultants at an hourly rate. The requirements for the consultants I hired required very little skills.  I was only willing to hire them at less than $2 per hour.  It does not make business sense for me to hire them at more than $2 per hour.  And for those who VOLUNTARILY accepted my offer, it must have been the best offer they had or else they would have accepted someone elses offer. (Think about that concept for a second)  And that is the beauty of free markets, two individuals who volunatrly come to an agreement.  Now oDesk has decided to interfere.


There is NO ONE smart enough at oDesk to know what a minimum wage should be just as there is NO ONE smart enough who knows what the price of a gallon of milk shoudl be.  The free markets determine that.


oDesk does not have the power to elevate one's worth.  The only way an individual can elevate their worth is through increased skill set, great customer service, and honesty.  That's how one goes from $1 per hour, to $2 per hour, to $3 per hour.


Who at oDesk made this decision?  I think this individual suffers what I call "Dinasour Syndorme"  A big heart, but a small brain.  What do you think the unintended consequences will be from this decision?  Make no mistake about it, there will be unintended consequences when you mess with the free markets.   One example is you just created unemployment for a lot of individuals around the world who's skills did not yet deserve over $3 per hour.  It's the "unseen" destruction with a policy such as this.


Any future hires I make after November 15th, will have to come from an alternative service to oDesk.   You see the free markets also allow me to take my business else where. 

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MD NAZMUL H Member Since: Nov 12, 2014
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      Thanks oDesk for your change


I'm agree with your comment "As head of Operations at oDesk, I’m here to introduce an upcoming policy change that I believe will make oDesk a better workplace for everyone". Thanks oDesk for this kind of important change. Also thank you for your great comment.

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Nelson P Member Since: Nov 13, 2014
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This is a well thought out move by oDesk to protect this valuable online service and brand. Those who complain about the increase to 3 dollars an hour are the ones seeking something for nothing. Those will exploit every online service and skilled professional while somehow still complaing the whole way to the bank. Hopefully in the future oDesk can look at implementing minimum rates by geographical location to prevent employers from outsourcing work below minimum wage. It is simply still not a fair level playground however a huge improvement in the right direction. Thank you oDesk.

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Sid A Member Since: Nov 13, 2014
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Folks, this is a business decision by oDesk. In all likelihood their cost to attract and support  < $3/hour contractors is higher than the revenue they're getting from those contractors. So they probably don't mind losing your low-revenue business to another provider. Even if not, they will see a bump in their top line revenue with this change, assuming there isn't too much cannibilization. There are plenty of other options for both the workers and employers that want to enter a voluntary contract for $.10 an hour. That is the beauty of the free market. 

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Ben L Member Since: Dec 25, 2010
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I'm not likely to continue using oDesk because of the new minimum rate. There are so many site that provide contractors, such as Fiver, GetaFreelancer, etc that it will be easy to start using those. I have been loyal to oDesk and am disappointed. The work that is worth more than $3 per hour I am happy to pay. I've paid quite a bit more but the low skill work should not be forced to be paid $3 per hour. I hope they will reconsider this policy. Ben
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Natacha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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It's $3 including oDesk fees, this means the freelancer will earn $2.70. Is this too much? This policy will apply only to new client-freelancer relationships formed on or after November 15, 2...
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Jason L Member Since: Jul 26, 2010
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I completely agree. I already use Fivrr and it's becoming more and more due to the many low quality contractors that I have to deal with here. For every 5 that I hire 1 is worth the rate that I am paying. This is an obvious move to increase revenue for Odesk at the expense of the companies who hire on this platform. I am very disappointed.
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Kefir M Member Since: Nov 13, 2014
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I agree with you 100%.  The wage of $1.11-$2.99 is very sufficient for those accepting this pay-rate in the country they reside in.


They don't live a life where they need a TV in every room of their dwelling, 2 cars parked on their driveway, 1600 square feet of living space, credit card debit, get where I'm going with this.


$1.11-$2.99 is an excellent pay-rate for many and with bonuses to those who merit them, their pay-rate is top-notch and they're satisfied & happy.


There are soooooo many unqualified providers via ODesk who are trying to pierce into the low-level tech arena just to make a living for themselves, I respect that; but I end-up paying for it with lost time and frustration as I sift through them for the most qualified.  That in turn costs me money and time, further increasing the pay-rate I'm already paying intrinsically. Besides, when an affordable provider performs well, he/she is always bonus’d by me in an effort to keep them happy, productive and focused on my project.


There's something COMPLETELY off-topic motivating this new policy on ODesk.  I'm sure some big-wig was like, " You know what team!? - Dealing with the headache of disputes and management for 10% of $1.11-$2.99 is ineffective for us and wasteful of our ODesk resources.....let's bump the minimum to $3.00 to make this incoming revenue worth our resources."

ALSO, I believe this new policy was put into effect to rid ODesk of many of these unqualified service providers, since ODesk knows they populate their site in droves (word spreads fast in communities).  They figure that if the higher/fire rate of these unskilled workers is rapid and often in dispute, it'll naturally burn-out these workers and compell them to populate another site.


Short of the long, no new hires for me; that business will go to ODesk competitors.  All my existing contracts are satisfactory. =)


Just my 2 cents when no one is asking for change. =)


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Rachid Rhyad S Member Since: Nov 23, 2013
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Well well well !!


Look some clients ready to exploit freelancers just because they think those ones doesn't provide high quality work ! for instance in my begining, I was working for someone with 3$/h (and the work I was doing worth way more than that !) but guess what !! he fired me to get 3 freelancers with 1$/h and none of them did what I was able to do ! is legitim ?


Guys seriously if you see that a freelancer doesn't worth the 3$/h don't complain about the oDesk new policy just DONT HIRE HIM ! or use paid fixed project to make sure the work done is correct !


Thank you ! 

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Loty P Member Since: Nov 9, 2014
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Oppps sorry Woman Tongue