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Elevating our workplace with a new minimum rate

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Doreen M Member Since: Mar 17, 2008
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[quote]Introducing a minimum rate While we recognize the complexity of our marketplace—from the large differences in earnings around the world, to the diversity of work done on our platform—we believe $3/hour strikes the right balance between discouraging low-quality work and minimizing disruption to client-freelancer relationships. Though a single minimum rate is an imperfect solution, we feel it’s an important step toward making oDesk a great place to both work and get work done. Our customers Today, only 3% of freelancer earnings are below the new minimum. However, we do not take lightly the impact this policy may have on all the clients and freelancers who rely on us for their businesses and careers. In particular, we’re sensitive to the relationships our clients and freelancers have already formed with one another. Thus, this policy will apply only to new client-freelancer relationships formed on or after November 15, 2014. We will continue to honor the hourly rates of contracts formed prior to this date.[/quote] $3 might seem like a kings ransom to some countries but this is a joke. I am glad I have avoided trolling the job boards for assignments of late because frankly, I've established myself enough that I seldom am without work. The $3 minimum might help 3% of the freelancers here but has anyone bothered to see how many are between $5 and $10 which is the group it's going to hurt? Bad idea.
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Manik H Member Since: Nov 7, 2014
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minimum rate is 3.00$. its avarage for data entry in hourly job. this rate is use for samlpe work.

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Damien V Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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It says there : We believe that setting a minimum will encourage freelancers and clients to expect higher pay for higher quality work.


I'm paying $1.5 per hour to a data entry team. All they do is copy / paste stuff from excel to excel or from excel to website. They do everything great. Copy / paste is as easy as breathing.

Now honestly, expecting a higher quality for this would be impossible. And paying more than what i pay right for copy/paste will also be impossible for me.

This will drive away employers (i'm gonna try a few fixed contracts see how it works) and contractors with base skills like data entry will lose a lot of opportunities.


I agree that increasing the min hourly rate is good to weed out a lot of bad contractors for various niches where skill / knowledge is important, like programming, writing, etc - but for basic stuff like data entry, administrative support and others, $3/hr min is a baaaaad idea.


Employers will get burned by poor contractors who cannot charge less than $3/hr, contractors will get burned by bad employers who won't pay in fixed contracts - and finally odesk will get a lot of disputes and lost a lot of clients. Yes, the will remain only with the best of the best but if you look through the contractor base, you'll see that 75% are charging less than $3/hr.


Baaaad idea - but i think that in a few months this min. hourly rate will be dropped or removed completely.

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Hans J L Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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This minimum rate is a poor idea.
It is a blunt tool attempt by Odesk to fix the low quality problem by doing it hardhanded instead of actually helping the clients and workers with elegant solutions to manage quality and quality expectations.

What Odesk should focus on is to develop proper tools to manage Workflow Quality Assurance WQA (my term). Instead it focus mostly on cornering the market by merging Odesk with Elance.

The problem with Elance/Odesk today is that it limits its game to just connecting clients and workers.  Valeria says Odesk is "the most trusted online workplace" but this is not quite right - Odesk is not really a "workplace" - it is only a "marketplace" for work to connect clients and workers.


In order for Odesk to be a workplace, it needs work-tools.

Odesk needs tools to manage quality.


We need:

- Standard frameworks and strickt guidelines for deliverables.
For example graphic job deliverables should allways be delivered with all the original graphic artwork used.
- Graphic jobs should allways link to where any material is taken from and the usage rights, copyrights to that material.
- Penalties for workers who just "dissapear" from relationships, big problem in some countries/cultures is that people just vanish, ghost out on clients.
- Scrum tools.


Etc etc the list goes on. It is up to Odesk to figure out good effective ways to do this.

From a client who has recently bought more than 10 000 hours at under USD 3 per hour. I need to reconsider my use of Odesk with this new USD 3 rule.


Thank you.

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Thanks for this feedback Hans. While I disagree that the upcoming change to the minimum rate on oDesk is a bad idea, I do agree that we can do more to make this the best online workplace. This is a focus of our technology and Trust & Safety teams and you'll see more from us in the coming months. We're working on new features, stricter policies and improved enforcement and support. 


We appreciate your business thus far and hope you'll see this as a step in the direction for a better marketplace.

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Nelly R Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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I want to thank you ODESK for doing this. 


I will always be thankful for working in your platform and will keep doing my best to make you look good Smiley Happy


Thanks and God bless you all!

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Tiago T Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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To employers leaving because of this:


Just post fixed price jobs while contractors can still set the price on them.

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Imran A Member Since: Nov 11, 2014
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The idea is good lets see what happens. I have seen many freelancers stealing the jobs with lowest rates and many clients who come here only to exploit new freelancers and they only pay few cents. This impletementation will balance the marketplace and on the other hand is good for the workers who have worked on lesser rates before for clients. 


I was forced to obey this rule a year ago, first I though its hurting me but eventually I started to get benefit.

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Rachid Rhyad S Member Since: Nov 23, 2013
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For once I agree with what oDesk did ! well done this will really stop exploiting people, but I strongly suggest to put a minimum for the fixed projet also, for example I have seen a projet of someone willing to pay 5$/ day for VA services and 8 hours of work !! this is insane !!!


I also recommand and THIS IS A NEW IDEA to put a new option in  Flag as inappropriate  to REPORT excessive/exploiting fixed paid projet, for example let's name it "Paiment is too low" or "Abusive exploitation" this will prevent clients from turning to fixed paid projet to continue working with lower rates.



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David G Member Since: Nov 12, 2014
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Explain to me how it is exploiting someone when two people enter a "voluntary" agreement?


Have you ever thought that the person who "agrees" to be paid $1.25 per hour, that they are agreeing to this because its the best opportunity they have at the moment, OTHERWISE they would accept another offer from someone else at a higher pay. 


And if minimum wage truly solves the economincs of ones situation then why stop at $3/hour....why not $8?  Wait, why stop at $8....why not $15?  But why stop there!  Let's have it a $50 per hour!!!  That way everyone can enjoy the good life :-)