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Elevating our workplace with a new minimum rate

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Natasa M Member Since: May 8, 2014
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Just want to thank you and to commend you on adopting the policy that will finally make some economic sense for all the parties involved.I felt compelled to write my comment here in response to the criticism in previous posts. Is 3 USD as a minimum rate ideal if you live in US or UK as a freelancer? No-but it is far better than current 0.44-0.56 USD per hour. Is it better that the freelancer doesn't have a job at all or to have a job that pays 1.50 USD per hour? Answer is...We are kidding here ,right? Nowhere ,literally nowhere in the world, no human being can live on that money -so if you do pay your freelancer that much take a moment to reflect on how your actions support outright,clear exploitation...although, on the other hand, I really doubt that the process of self- reflection would bring any moral revelation to the employer who pays 1.50 per hour... And using a rationalization that you provide jobs ,and using the terms like a free market...Oh ,boy -you have a nerve-that is not a free market-that is a market based on desperation and fear of the people who volunteer to be your slaves !!! To finish on a positive note ,great work ODesk and thank you again for reestablishing some standards here-definitely a great step in the right direction!!
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Thanks, Natasa! We believe the new hourly minimum will benefit the entire community by setting an expectation of higher pay for higher quality work. More importantly, we believe this change will, over time, encourage more great clients and freelancers around the world to work on oDesk.
~ Valeria
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Rabia A Member Since: Apr 13, 2011
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I am shocked by comments of some of the clients here..they're so proud of exploiting people that are in a desperate need of work..If the job you're offering them is "so simple", why don't you do it yourself... I applaud oDesk for this policy change...this will help in reducing exploitation...and most of the clients who literally want to get free work (1/hr for me is equivalent to working for free), will stop hiring people or will quit oDesk. I would say "good riddance"..
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Mads Soares da Cun V Member Since: Feb 14, 2012
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Unfortunately there are people who thinks its ok to use other people for their benifit. Especially people who are in a tough situation. What they do is that they try to find excuses for the low payment by saying that it is higher than what they could make in their homeland as a waiter, teacher etc. The thing they dont consider is that the salary the teacher and waiter gets is also way too below what you should have to live a decent life. It is not possible to live anywhere in the world for a salary of $1 an hour. For a 40 week work hour that is about $ 173 a month. When you have deducted internet and electricity and Odesk withdrawal fees, there is not more than $ 100 left. So thumbs up to Odesk for trying to do something about the exploitation we see every day.
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Dean a Member Since: Oct 25, 2009
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No one is forcing any worker in the world to work on odesk. You want higher income but live on wages 500% cheaper than in the west. Well the good news is that as this min goes up, so will all the other freelancers who earn $4-$5 hr think they can life their rates up and as they do economics 101 will quickly kick in See the min wage in the US is $8-$9 Eventually its going to happen that you have more US workers replace these workers who want to earn closer to the $8-$9 an hour because odesk lifted the min wage and they feel entitled to life theirs up higher than the guy who just got his wage lifted 200% At this stage i have one word! FIVERR - in this case i will simply use fiverr - after all i can get in many cases 2 hrs worth of work there for $5 simple maths $6 or $5 ???
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Joseph C Member Since: Nov 5, 2011
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Bad Idea. This is suppose to be a site for freelancer. Just like not allowing me to ask for an upfront payment like i have been doing. If a contractor is only worth 0.50 then so be it.
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Joe M Member Since: Jun 14, 2013
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We employ 46 full time data entry and web researchers, primarily from the Philippines, where 1.50-2.50/hr is a competitive wage ($400 a month is what a nurse in the Philippines makes). Forcing us to pay base rate of $3/hr when the work simply isn't worth that much will seriously force us to reconsider our business model. While I'm happy for our best workers who we will be able to pay the $3, I feel sad that we may have to cut hours or possibly end contracts with many of them. For the amount of data entry and simple cut/paste jobs clients post, $3/hr is probably too high, especially considering the amount of freelancers from India and the Middle East. I think the contractors will realize this too and either offer more fixed price jobs or all together be forced out of the market. Because like other posts said, for some people, $1-3/hr and being able to work from home is enough money and changes their lives. Odesk will definitely force a higher quality work force but at the cost of low skilled workers and jobs
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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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As it says above: 'We will continue to honor the hourly rates of contracts formed prior to this date, and clients and freelancers who have previously worked together at less than $3.00 per hour can form new contracts with no minimum requirement'. It was even emphasised twice. Some of you clients are not reading the original post properly. For those of you threatening to leave the site, I hardly think it'll disturb the running of the site. As clients leave, more clients sign up to oDesk all the time. As Suzanne said, don't let the door hit you on the way out!.
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Why not - it would be more fun Smiley Tongue
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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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