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Elevating our workplace with a new minimum rate

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Jeannette A Member Since: Mar 9, 2012
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Advantage: .01 to .5/hr bids won't be seen. Some freelancers will really be happy. Disadvantage: Odesk will surely will get TONS of complaints over the work diary - for clients who knows how to check the work diary. (I had worked with freelancers with super low rates with more than 3000+Hrs and they are not using the odesk team viewer efficiently. 1-2hrs logged work almost w/o output,. It totally freaks me out!!)
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I am not sure what you are trying to say. I think the fact that freelancers are paid super low rates is the reason they are padding hours. I charge much more than the new minimum and, for good clients, I can afford to throw in small tasks for free.
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Collins B Member Since: Sep 7, 2014
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When I heard this news! I was shocked! Odesk taking it too far quality of work and other silly reason! They should leave it as it is! I'm not happy anymore! I'm thinking what to do! I can't hire people for 3$ lol! Now people are forced to do fixed! Now odesk Will say you should have check his history or feedback! His a new workers he doesn't have any! Low wages helped us to identify good and bad workers now its tough.
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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If you can't pay $3 per hour lol then maybe you shouldn't be in business in Canada lol.
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Diana M Member Since: May 17, 2014
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[quote=Collins B.] Now people are forced to do fixed![/quote] ...and get ready to welcome the fixed one! I think you've managed to perfectly define the reason why this measure won't make much of a difference.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I think many clients come to oDesk because they're told it's an easy way to make money with their own businesses without having to invest much. They get the idea that they can get rich quickly by hiring third world workers and paying them pennies. These are people who, 10 years ago, would have stuck with their 9 to 5 jobs and would never have even thought about self employment. This does not apply to all oDesk clients, so clients with intelligent business strategies, please don't be offended.
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Marvin C Member Since: Aug 30, 2013
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The implementation of minimum rate will increase oDesks revenue. Why not give some to freelancers? by decreasing oDesk fees.
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Tarun C Member Since: May 17, 2013
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I am really happy with this news. I hope in the coming years we can think of raising it to minimum 5 $ per hour as that would be a universally acceptable figure to work on. But for now I guess the 3 $ per hour minimum rate inclusion is a step in the right direction. 3 Cheers to Odesk!
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Kazi Riyadh R Member Since: Jan 28, 2010
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Dear Operation Team, I am really happy with the introducing of new price and there is some definite reasons. Still I know there might be some negative impacts for clients but with my view its overall good for oDesk and for a class marketplace such as oDesk, it is a nice decision. I am sharing some scenarios of rate which might be helpful for all: 1. When I started oDesk on 2010, for a simple product review or article 500w, I was paid at least $3-$5 per article. But since competition is raising, many people are opening account and bidding unacceptable price such as only $0.5 for 500w and they don't have any quality at all. I am not saying I am highly qualified writer but at least better than a beginner. Now, the issue is, some clients always look for cheap price, though its their personal matter, but how do you expect 50c for 500w in an International Marketplace where job description is written flawless, quality English articles, natives are preferable !!!!. Now the problem is, we are missing the job and getting frustrated with our price. So, overall it surely decreasing marketplace quality. 2. Some clients even force contractor to lessen their price. For example, In data entry work, I have also seen a contractor from Asia worked for $0.10 and duration is more than 500 hrs so it makes $50. Now for an Int'l marketplace what is it worth for a human being really? Better you do beg at street since that will make at least $500 in 500hrs, that could not be lesser than in oDesk. Also, from business point of view, oDesk is keeping the freelancer data, profile for 500hrs and getting only $5 as 10% fee. So is it worth for oDesk ? 3. Also minimum rate gives skilled people to work at least for a reasonable rate even if its a beginning of his career and its a world of professional people in oDesk. I am not encouraging less skilled people, because still they have chance to get by learning skilled work and fixed price job. Also, even if they don't think, they will not get job $3/hr, they can bill client half of the time they actually worked. lets say it takes 60min to write an article. they can bill 30min which cause $1.5 for client. So both are happy. So many positive points for freelancers and oDesk marketplace as well. For clients I have a message to them. If clients think this is not manageable for low price work, they can still distribute the work under time basis. For example, if a data entry work is so easy, they can tell their freelancers they should do the work at their convenient time but they will bill actually fixed amount of minute which will be approved. But that does not mean that, you will tell your freelancer to bill only 10 min for writing a 1000w to minimize the work. Message for ODesk team: oDesk team should have a certain timeframe minimum for each work. For example, oDesk authority can send employers a message such as, a client cannot tell a freelancers to write 500w article in 10 min to minimize the cost because in reality its impossible. A skilled freelancer can write in lesser time but they should count an average time of at least 45-60 min for each 500w. Unless the whole process will be corrupted again. Remember there is Indian, UAE, HK, Philipine clients who are very miser to pay freelancers. Can you believe, in our country A rickshaw puller gets $10 per day where some freelancers in oDesk gets less than that working 8 hrs+. So do u think he should get it ? or do you think he should get less than a rickshaw puller who does not have computer literacy. So, think from both side business and quality as well. Happy decision, and thank you again. Please introduce with proper rules and regulations.
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Jenn B Member Since: Sep 6, 2008
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$3 is actually still too low even for those in developing countries, if you want them to have good standard of living. That said, implementing a minimum wage is still better than nothing. Finally! Those who insist on paying around $1 per hour will be gone!