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Re: Expanding Specialized Profiles for Freelancers

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Tracye G Member Since: Sep 30, 2008
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If a client only sees the specialized profile and does not bother to look at the general main profile, they see a very distorted version of freelancers work on this platform. Not a good thing! It actually hurts the freelancer in the long run. Having to manually go through and add pieces of work is tedious and one more way for Upwork to waste our time. 

Now, if you left our numbers alone and the same info auto showed on all 3 profiles regardless of the work that we do or do not attach to it, then maybe it might be worth it. But as it sits now...not worth my time.

Like I said...another worthless hairbrained idea being shoved down our throats. 

I know it is "voluntary" but I caught the caveat "FOR NOW" which in Upwork speak means "we are going to ram it down your throat in the future and make it mandatory!

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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This new specialized profiles feature has been highly requested from many freelancers for a while now. We understand that many of our users do not just have one service, one specialty, but have several specialties and want to be able to highlight all of them. As an example, a freelancer may be a graphic designer but also a copywriter or translator. Currently, the way profiles are laid out, all of your specialties and expertise are combined into one area, one general profile. Freelancers asked for a way to change this, they shared that setting a rate on their profile was confusing because the rate would be different for each of their services offered. Their overview, portfolio, etc couldn’t be tailored to each speciality. And clients may be deterred from an excellent graphic designer, if they saw mostly translation jobs in their work history. 


We have heard great feedback from freelancer and clients around this feature and future rollouts to other categories. As our understanding of the different types of work getting done on Upwork grows and changes, we'll continue to expand this list in Design and Creative. There is also an opportunity to suggest other specialties on the first step of the wizard where we ask you to select a specialty. So if you don’t see something that quite fits at the moment, suggest it on the wizard or let us know here. 


We understand that some of our features may not offer a benefit to everyone. We’ve heard from a few of you, that you only have one service or specialty that you market on Upwork. Thanks for sharing your feedback, but also understand that there are many freelancers on Upwork who utilize the platform in different ways. 

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Tracye G Member Since: Sep 30, 2008
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My point Lena was to let you know that until they change the hours, total earned and jobs completed to TRUELY reflect our work then it does more harm than good. It makes our profile look like we are just starting out.

I have almost 300 things in my portfolio....that would take me hours to go through, and associate...but it is still not an accurate reflection of my overall work. A waste of time on all levels!!

It is this sort of poorly thought out, half-baked ideas put into every change that goes on here that frustrates the freelancers. All this does is cost us more time and give us less benefit.

The overall idea has potential and if I could have my totals across all profiles with the OVERALL totals then I could see a benefit. 

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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@lenaellis wrote:

Hi Tracye,


Your work history and earnings are lower because you haven't added those jobs to the specialized profile. Your specialized profile will not include your full earnings and work history as thats not what it is intended to display. Your general profile still houses all of your earnings and your full work history. The specialized profiles will list the jobs and earnings relevant for that category. When creating the specialized profile, you are creating a profile tailored to a specialty. We will pre-select the jobs that are in that category for you. But you should also review the work history and portfolio items in case there are other jobs that fit. You just click 'edit work history' and associate those relevant jobs in Graphic Design or Web Design to that specialized profile and your Work History and earnings on that specialized profile will update. 



edit work history.png


I'm sure I'll get slapped on the hand for this - but that is just plain stupid. Specialized profiles, fine ... but those profiles should contain our entire work and earning histories. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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Hi there,

Does anyone know what this is?

I've seen it a couple of times. Is it possible to have two profiles in the same account?

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Kat C Member Since: Jul 11, 2016
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If my memory serves me correctly, I thought Upwork was going to instill a capability where we could have separate/different profiles (not accounts!) for different skillsets. So, it looks like that's what is being tested?


Of course, another FL who strolls through the forums far more than I do may have more specific (and correct) information. 

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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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Thanks Kat.
I've searched the forums but I have not found anything.
We will see if someone has more information.

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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I asked about the status of this perhaps a or two month ago and, best as I recall, a mod said it was still in process being evaluated.  I think the thread is under Announcements and begun by Lena.


I'm so smart!  Smiley Wink  Here you go -

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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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Cat LOL: manlol:: robotlol:: smileylol:

Thanks Wendy.

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Vasile B Member Since: Feb 10, 2019
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Is it possible for me to have two or three profiles in my account, too?