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Faster payouts for hourly contracts

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Nio M Member Since: Aug 8, 2017
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What an amazing initiative you guys are doing. Thank you for doing this for us, and I hope you guys continue doing this great service during such time of crisis. 

Salamat at MABUHAY!

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Joydeep R Member Since: Jul 12, 2020
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Extremely pleased with this decision and helped us all the top rated workers in many ways when its their blood and sweat earned through their valueable time towards freelance community. 
Also kudos to the employers who are equally supportive on this . 

Community Guru
Viacheslav K Member Since: Sep 9, 2015
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This is my favorite improvement yet Smiley Happy Still happy to get the payout quicker.

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Tanveer A Member Since: Jul 14, 2016
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I've received my payment this week, have you change this rule? is it just me or anybody else also facing same issue?

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Dukens F Member Since: Sep 29, 2017
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Very good!

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Gustavo B Member Since: Oct 7, 2020
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Thanks, Smiley Very Happy

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Komal S Member Since: Mar 26, 2021
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