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Freelancer Job Referrals

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Seth B Member Since: Jan 22, 2018
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First feedback is that it's not clear on my end what happens after my referral. Does the freelancer I referred get to send a message to the client? Or do they have to wait for the client to message them with an invite? And either way, is the answer clear to both client and referred freelancer? I referred one acquaintance for one job, and don't know the answer.


Also, the option seems to have disappeared! I just got another job invite that would actually be a great fit for the same freelancer (since he has a poem about the topic the client wants writing about), but I no longer see a refer freelancer option. I'm just going to paste his upwork profile link in manually, but obviously the site-supported referral is a neat idea so I'm hoping it resumes.

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Seth, thank you for sharing your questions and experience in the Community!

1. To your first question, note that after you refer a freelancer, the freelancer will receive an email notification informing them they have been referred an invitation from you, as the referrer. The freelancer will have the option to accept or decline the invite and can identify jobs that were referred to them and by whom in Proposals > Referrals.

The client will also receive an email notifying them that you referred the second freelancer to their job. They will also be able to distinguish in the Proposal Manager which Invited Freelancers were referred vs. invited directly.

2. Regarding the option not being available on the invite you mentioned. I checked and do see the job you were invited to had been posted as a private job. By design the referral option won't appear for private jobs, in order to honor the client’s preferences.

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

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Mariam A Member Since: Dec 8, 2017
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Hello. I saw a pop-up message, offering to refer a friend but I accidentally closed it. I’m interested, how do I refer a friend on upwork? ( a freelancer )
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Miral A Member Since: Apr 4, 2021
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Hi Mariam, 

Please have a look at this post by Valeria where she has given a detailed explanation of the process
Freelancer Job Referrals New Beta Offering 



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Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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Cool, but I thought you'd build yet another algorithm for this problem?

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Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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Referrals are cool but the onus of initiating contact should rest with the client.
Does the referred freelancer automatically get access to the client's inbox? Would the client not mind?

Folks should also keep in mind that referrer carries an unspoken responsibility for failure of the relationship.

I might think a fellow freelancer would be perfect for the job but how can I be so sure? Even if I were sure, how do I know the freelancer has the availability requisite for satisfying that client? What makes me think the same chemistry will exist between referred and client?

This isn't ocular or heart surgery where qualified professionals are in extremely short supply, and where progress shall not be had on the case except through referral to THE specialist.
This is an online marketplace lol.
For this reason shall I use this feature with great reticence.

I say again, build an algorithm for this one. I meant that lol. Work on your secret sauce.
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Raju A Member Since: Oct 11, 2016
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This is realy nice option to help freelancers for getting more opertunities.

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Bishwajit P Member Since: Jun 29, 2019
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This one seems like a cool feature. I wanna a referal buddy!! 

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Feng G Member Since: Jun 7, 2021
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 I am a newer in this paltform and specialized in medical manuals. However I find it difficult to start the first job, **Edited for Community Guidelines**


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Feng G Member Since: Jun 7, 2021
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I do my best to place the proposal,even with a lower price. However, it did not work for me.. I wonder what is wrong?