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Identity Verified badge soon required for all earning freelancers

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Saidul I Member Since: Oct 30, 2019
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Hi, your problem solved ? My live chat and id verification page not working as well!
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Ashok B Member Since: Jan 16, 2020
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On Shun L Member Since: May 29, 2020
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Dimitra M Member Since: Jun 19, 2020
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I am waiting for a reply about the ID verification but i can tell you about the video chat. I have a mac computer and because i had some problem with the cam and microphone, i used my mobile phone to do the video chat! I hope this helps at least about the video!

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Miryam N Member Since: Nov 17, 2020
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Hi, yes it has just been solved! 

I tried another time and when the help support page pops up you have to stay there and a chat window will appear and an agent will start talking to you then redirect you to a google meet room to verify your ID 


Hope it helps ! 

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Miryam N Member Since: Nov 17, 2020
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I suggest you get in touch with the help support they will answer you quickly ! 


Hope it helps! 

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Ba Ngan L Member Since: Nov 16, 2020
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That weird, i cant see any popup
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Laura R Member Since: Apr 23, 2019
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I'm being forced to do this verification, yet customer support, not very supportive. I join the chat, lots of names keep appearing, they, hear the sound, not seeing the messages, send myself the transcriptions, which they are only sent after the chat is finished, noone helped me to do the call... one of them gave me the link, sent the link to the other agents, call was finished because noone took it... cmon!!! i work w this computer, I skype and use zoom, yet, the only thing not working is the upwork  chat!!!


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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Laura,


I'm sorry about the difficulties you experienced during the chat and video call. After checking the communication it appears there was an issue with using the link our team provided and unfortunate miscommunication with our team about how to proceed with the call, and receiving additional assistance from the agents you initially communicated with. I see you successfully completed the video call and our team reached out to you directly with the confirmation. I'll make sure to share your experience with our team in order to streamline the process further, thanks for sharing your feedback.

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Pere M Member Since: Mar 21, 2017
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Hi. I'd like to know if Spanish names are taken into account in this verification. What I mean is in the hispanic world people have two surnames (and usually a middle name too) but usually online, abroad or in non-legal contexts we just use our first surname. That's my case here on Upwork. I'm only using my first name and my first surname here. Obviously my ID shows my full legal name, including middle name and second surname. Could this make my verification fail? Is anyone in the same situation?