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Identity Verified badge soon required for all earning freelancers

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Andrew M Member Since: Aug 16, 2019
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Hi Bojan,


I appreciate your help in trying to respond to those of us who are not able to get past the loading/error screen.  Unfortunately, even trying a hard refresh or using a different browser has not resolved the issue for me.  I have been trying for 2 days.  Please escalate this or have the ops team look into it further, it is not fixed.




Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Andrew,


I'm sorry to hear that issue persists. I'll escalate this to our team, and one of our agents will reach out you directly to assist you further with completing your verification process.


Thank you for your patience. 

~ Bojan
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Kelly C Member Since: Aug 17, 2019
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Is anyone else experiencing this issue when attempting to verify account. It's almost my deadline and I still have not heard back from support.
Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Kelly,


I'm sorry about the trouble you're having while trying to complete the verification step. I see that you already have an open ticket. One of our team members will update your ticket to assist you further, thank you!

~ Joanne
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Millie D Member Since: Sep 8, 2016
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I feel like we should have been given more than 7 days notice about this. It makes no sense that Upwork will allow us to continue working on active contracts but won't give us access to our money. I don't drive and only use my ID for voting, essentially, and so my ID is actually expired. The process of going to the state DPS office to get a new once and having it mailed to me is about 3 weeks or so. I don't think it's right that Upwork will put a hold on my account - after I've been a freelancer for YEARS - when they have only given 7 days notice.


Is there not a way to extend this to 21 days so that it at least matches the time it takes to get an updated ID? 



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Millie D Member Since: Sep 8, 2016
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And by the way, I've already spent 2 hours with the CS on chat about this issue but none of my questions were answered. I don't have this many hours in the day, especially considering it will take me 8 hours or more just to get a new ID.

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Samantha L Member Since: Jan 3, 2016
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What ended up happening? Did Upwork give you an extension? 

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Rob C Member Since: Sep 10, 2019
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Everytime I try to start a video chat to verify my identity it refreshes to the job board page. It also does this when I try to go to the Help link in the site's footer. No idea why I keep getting redirected. I've tried multiple browsers.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Rob, 

Before I proceed, I wanted to check if the issue persists if you clear your cookies, or used a different browser? 

~ Avery
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Nasir A Member Since: Oct 10, 2018
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Hello, i'm facing verification problem i'm uploading my id card it's verified but when i talk with agent for video verification she not listen clearly my voice i don't know why but now my id card also pending and when i try again to upload message shown facing some techincal problem try later i try last two days but still same issue face. can anyone help me how to i reslove this? Thanks!