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Identity Verified badge soon required for all earning freelancers

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Samantha L Member Since: Jan 3, 2016
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What ended up happening? Did Upwork give you an extension? 

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Rob C Member Since: Sep 10, 2019
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Everytime I try to start a video chat to verify my identity it refreshes to the job board page. It also does this when I try to go to the Help link in the site's footer. No idea why I keep getting redirected. I've tried multiple browsers.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Rob, 

Before I proceed, I wanted to check if the issue persists if you clear your cookies, or used a different browser? 

~ Avery
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Nasir A Member Since: Oct 10, 2018
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Hello, i'm facing verification problem i'm uploading my id card it's verified but when i talk with agent for video verification she not listen clearly my voice i don't know why but now my id card also pending and when i try again to upload message shown facing some techincal problem try later i try last two days but still same issue face. can anyone help me how to i reslove this? Thanks!

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Nasir,


One of our team members will reach out to you via ticket as soon as possible and assist you further with your verification. You can access your tickets on this Link, thank you.

~ Goran
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Cristina P Member Since: Oct 4, 2019
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I don't have the option to verify my identity in my profile settings. Is it because my account is new? My profile just got approved, so I don't understand. I'm talking about uploading a photo ID and doing the video chat so that I have the blue icon next to my name.

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Md Mohai M Member Since: Oct 5, 2019
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Go to the "setting" of your account. And find there "Identity Verification". There you will get the way to verify your account.
or you can try this link:

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Cristina P Member Since: Oct 4, 2019
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Hi there. Like I said in my post, I don't have this option in my settings.
This is what I am trying to resolve. The link did not work for me. Thank
you anyway for trying to help.
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Cristina P Member Since: Oct 4, 2019
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Thank you very much, I will keep you updated.
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Louise H Member Since: Oct 9, 2019
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Is anyone else uncomfortable with uploaded an official government ID? Can I blur the ID number? With identity theft running rampant this makes me nervous...