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Identity Verified badge soon required for all earning freelancers

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Mashudul Islam M Member Since: Jun 20, 2021
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Need Help!
Upwork Account Has Been Opened!
100% Profile Complete!
But I Can't Get The ID Verify Option In The Settings!
Clicking On The Link From The Help Center Shows 404 Error!

Can Anyone Give A Solution?

And Please Let Me Know How To Verify!

I Need Verified Id With Verification Badge!
Please Help Me Please

Nikola S Moderator Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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Hi Mashudul,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it doesn't look like you are required to complete any verification process at the moment. Please know that only earning freelancers are eligible/required to earn the “Identity Verified” badge.


If you become eligible/required, we will notify you when you log into your Upwork account.


~ Nikola

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Hammad A Member Since: Jul 23, 2019
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Hi, I got an email from Upwork asking me to verify my identity yesterday. But the verification page gets stuck on loading when I try to "Continue" verification. Please see attached screenshot. 

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Hammad,


I'm sorry to hear about that. Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies or using a different browser to see if that helps with the verification? If it doesn't, please let us know so we can assist you further.

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Muhammad Asad R Member Since: Mar 19, 2017
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I have submitted the all required documents by work 4 days ago but didn't get any notification regarding acceptance or rejection. When I try to get into the help & support menu it returns an error in URL for Cannot sign in suspended user %ID.


I just recently completed a project and my profile is public now. please let me know what i need to do.

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Muhammad,


I checked with the team and you should be all set now. Let us know if you need further help.


Thank yo.

~ Aleksandar
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Ellijen Fenella C Member Since: Aug 5, 2019
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Hi! Im new to Upwork and I've been trying to upload my gov't-issued ID for the Identity verification but the system has been down for the most part today. Im given until the 20th to verify. What shoud I do? I'd greatly appreciate a reply. Thanks!

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Ellijen Fenella,


I'm sorry for the trouble this may have caused you. I followed up with our team and our team member will reach out to you and assist with this issue directly via your open ticket.


Thank you for your patience!

~ Bojan
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Elijah M Member Since: Jun 30, 2020
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Hi, Bojan

It doesn't still happen. Always the Upwork Help page showed.

I clicked the My Request list, but that page redirected and went to the Upwork Help page.

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Miryam N Member Since: Nov 17, 2020
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Hi, it has just been solved! 

I tried another time and when the help support page pops up you have to stay there and a chat window will appear and an agent will start talking to you then redirect you to a google meet room to verify your ID 


Hope it helps !