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Re: Insight on how Job Success Score is calculated

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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Apply to appropriate jobs you know you can do well, and do a great job for those clients......................


I did that. Glad I did. Even getting 5 stars and doing a great job for someone doesn't guarantee a great JS score though as I've found out. 


With that being said, everything is an experience and every job could be a stepping stone to an even better and greater job so I'll be like a Timex watch. Smiley Happy 

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Mike P Member Since: Nov 5, 2014
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This is a flat-out lie, a misleading statement with NOTHING to back it up - and it's one of the opening lines in your blogpost about the JSS

"Job Success scores have proven successful at helping great freelancers stand out to clients and land more projects, with twice the number of contracts going to the best freelancers in the marketplace than before."


I've been a member of oDesk since 2009, long before it was merged with elance. Over the years I worked my way to the top of the "foodchain" in the graphic design realm. I am living proof that the JSS and the statements made by the company are NOT true. My invitations to interview have gone from an average of 3/day to 0/month. I am now required to fill out a very lengthy application form with a limited number of tokens allocated each month. How dare you as a company make ridiculous statements such as the one mentioned above without any real proof.


Since the amalgamation, I have had 2 new clientsand one of them ended up walking away on me for no reason whatsoever. And guess what happened? My JSS score took a beating, I didn't even get paid for half the job (thanks Upwork for sticking up for your freelancers) and I continue to struggle for work. 


Shame on everyone involved in the merger and the constant misleading of your freelancers

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Mark C Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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Updesk won't tell us how the JS score is calculated as that may open it to abuse.


If the system is fair, how can it be abused?


There are obviously actions that can be taken that will affect a persons JS, positively or negatively. Some people, unwittingly, will happen upon the flaws in the calculation that will boost their scores while for other the opposite will happen - either way the end result is misleading.


In all the forum posts I have read, I have yet to hear anything positive about the JS - there have been some speculative comments about how to boost your score, but these cannot be taken seriously as WE DON'T KNOW HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS!


And before anyone wonders, yes I do have a personal stake in this. My JS has dropped from over 90% to 67%. All that has happened since the downward spiral is that I have received some 5* feedback and had some dormant contracts, that were dormant before the JS system started, closed.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Hello valeria, How to increase JS? Few days ago i have 100% and i got many jobs. Also they given me good feedback. But now its 88% JS. I dont know why that is happen. Can you tell me why its descrese? How increase my JS? I'm waiting for your replay. Thank you in advance."


Hello, Asif, and thank you for posting your question in the Community Forum.


Just to clear one thing up, this is the Community Forum. This isn't the form for sending questions to Valeria or any other forum moderator or Upwork employee. Forum Moderators and Upwork employees sometimes are incredibly helpful here by answering questions or providing information, but they are not obligated to. You don't need to single out people by name to answer general questions like this, because doing so might decrease the likelihood that you receive helpful information from other forum participants.


Asif, you saw your Job Score drop. That happens. It can be disappointing. But the good news is that your score can go up as well. You have not really asked anything new or reported any type of new phenomenon. If you want to know more about why job scores increase or decrease, you may read the rest of this thread, read other Forum threads on the subject, and read the Help section documentation about Job Scores. But, honestly, it's not as complicated as some people think. If you go to your contractor-side Upwork dashboard and click on the "Find Work" link, and then click on "My Stats," there is a page all about YOUR statistics and the things that affect YOUR Job Score:


- your Feedback Score average

- Clients who would recommend you (private feedback)

- long-term clients percent

- recent account holds


This isn't everything, but these are some of the main things to pay attention to.


There is an informative article about your Job Score here.

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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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Kudos to John B. for trying to explain what happened to him with the JSS.  I GIVE UP! I have wasted more time with Upwork customer support over issues and the disastrous migration from Elance to Upwork that I can take time to express without cussing! That said how is it fair that a company can manipulate a rating, the JSS with no explanation of how it works. That did not happen when Feedback was the main factor to determine how you did on a job for a client.


Example: I have 5 Star Feedback from Elance, 108 completed jobs, 98% clients would recommend. Not all clients leave feedback and I never ask them to. The best feedback comes when they leave it on their own, because they were happy with the work. When they switched things to JSS percentage my original JSS showed 94%, then in a matter of days, it dropped to 90% and I have done nothing! Explain that and don't I wish I had taken a screenshot of that. Can someone ask Mr. Chen to explain that???


I was receiving 10 to 20 job invites a day sometimes while on Elance and was so busy with work it was insane. Since I migrated over here to Upwork on Sept 16, almost a month ago, nothing but poor quality invites when I do get them, half of them look phony, only 2 clients have responded to proposals I placed. Today was the final straw. After sending messages via FB to Upwork and customer support asking why I was not receiving job invites, I finally got two invites today; it had been 5 days since the last one. Guess what! One of the invites from some client that has not posted a job in almost 3 years, it was not even in my skill categories, and the average hourly rate was less than $3 an hour. REALLY. Is this how it is going to be? Having Upwork customer support telling me to click on the Find Jobs tab to look for work. What in the heck did you do is my question? What happened to all the good clients from Elance and what did I do to deserve this after working my tail end off at Elance to have a 5 Star Rating, not by taking $25 jobs, but by carefully sifting through the job invites and taking quality jobs from quality clients!


I am copy/pasting a statement by Upwork about Job Success Scores (JSS) that I pulled from a post by Mike P here on Upwork. Then I will tell you below the statement from Upwork what I think.

"Job Success scores have proven successful at helping great freelancers stand out to clients and land more projects, with twice the number of contracts going to the best freelancers in the marketplace than before."

Mike P - Power Member - Member Since: ‎11-05-2014
Mike says this about the Upwork statement below, "This is a flat-out lie, a misleading statement with NOTHING to back it up - and it's one of the opening lines in your blogpost about the JSS."

I have this to say about Upwork statement above ... If you really think that … Job Success Scores have proven successful at helping great freelancers stand out to clients and land more projects, with twice the number of contracts going to the best freelancers in the marketplace than before ... Whoever composed this statement on the Upwork blog... Maybe you would care to explain what happened to all the job invites I used to get because I had a great rep on Elance, 5 Star Feedback, and never ever had to click on a Find jobs button for over two years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upwork and Mr. Chen you seem to care much more for mathematics than the human factor - that is obvious in a decision to destroy everyone's Feedback ratings and switch them to JSS scores that neither you nor anyone at Upwork wants to explain.

One thing I do know is your JSS has not helped many others or me at all and the entire business model you call Upwork is a disaster for my clients and me. After hearing people cannot withdraw funds easily, people having trouble paying freelancers, I am scared to death to even think about taking a job on the Upwork platform as it sounds even if a good job was eventually contracted I may not be able to ever get my money from your site.

This entire experience on Upwork and how you made things a complete mess is beyond my comprehension.
The old saying, should have been adhered to, "If ain't broke, don't try to fix it". Obviously, someone at Upwork thought he/she knows better than anyone else does, you should have just left us all alone at Elance. In all my years on Elance, I never had to ask them one time why am I not getting job invites. I worked hard, had good feedback and happy clients. Upwork was not set-up or ready to merge Odesk and Elance, you should have stayed in Beta mode until you got your act together. You literally have destroyed many people in the process of merging these companies and the way you run things is not up to par with Elance in any way, shape or form. Elance was a professional company, while Upwork seems to function like a broken wheel with a flat tire that no one seems to be able to fix.

If I sound unhappy I am and I don't care what people say that have been on Upwork for a couple of years working for $3 or $5 an hour, if they like your site, great, but why oh why did you have to mess with all of us from Elance?

I just cannot waste any more of my time on this site looking for work. I see where it is headed "straight down the tubes," unless one wants to spend your everyday looking for work on the site and working for $3 an hour.


So I don't care anymore about your JSS to let clients know what hard workers we are ... so far the clients on Upwork that I have had invites from are not quality clients, many pay $3 an hour, some less, they want everyone to work for peanuts.


So the JSS score to me is nothing! Someone playing with an excel spreadsheet having fun with formulas, keeping their job at 6 or 7 figures by figuring out how to ruin everyone elses ability to get jobs!


It just does not matter because as of today I will not bother even looking at it. 


I don't know how all of these people that run Upwork can sleep at night knowing you have destroyed our income stream and destroyed our business stream of good clients.


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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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All very nice and insightful John - but where and what is this contractor support group that you place so much faith in?

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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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John: Regarding "Upwork's CEO sent us an apology note for system issues. When is the last time you heard of a CEO sending an apology note."

That is nice he sent you an apology. I did not get one, nor did he send me an apology for completely tanking my income stream this month.


When you say "when is the last time you hear of a CEO sending an apology note," I did receive a couple of system issues, apology emails a long time ago from the former CEO of Elance Fabio Rosati who seemed to be able to run Elance seamlessly where everyone was working constantly and the GOOD Clients flocked to Elance to get contract work done.


Why they replaced Mr. Rosati, or why he stepped down or sold out or whatever he did is beyond my scope of information but right now I would like to take the entire Upwork Board, Executives, Management Team and Customer Support and 'lead them out to pasture' to put it nicely.


I believe you are on the right track about "swinging the bat" someone has made the biggest mess and they don't know how to clean it up! It is like one big pile of ....


So, here is my next thought. Why doesn't someone at Upwork fix this MESS they call a company. Or better yet, why doesn't the entire community of Upwork Contractors stand up, say we have had enough of your mess, and stop taking new clients? You can't dust existing clients, but you sure could just stop taking new clients until this situation is fixed. The way it stands now, I have absolutely nothing to lose. In 3 days, it will be one month since I migrated over from Elance and not one job invite that was any good or within my realm of skills.


BTW, Mr. CEO of Upwork Stephane Kasriel if you read this you can send me an apology for your system issues, your blatant disregard for the importance of our Feedback instead of this ridiculous JSS score put in place my Mr. Chen, and while you are at it --------- you and Mr. Chen and your entire Board of Directors can send me a check for estimated loss of potential clients and income for this month to the tune of $5000.

Note - I am being modest in an estimated amount of potential income yanked out from underneath my feet due to this disastrous merge of ODesk, Elance, and Upwork. Having a 90% JSS score or a 100% JSS score is not going to fix the situation you have put me in (or the 1000s of other contractors from ODesk, Elance and at Upwork) that no one seems to care about. I know this is not just about me! You have messed with 1000s of people's lives and livelihoods.


Thank goodness I do not have children or an immediate family to support any longer. How would I explain to them that Mommy's work and income she could depend on before at Elance… just 'hit the skids' thanks to a bunch of owners, executives, board of directors, and investors --- who did not take into consideration what they were doing before they did it and don't care now that it is done.


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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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 Hi John,  I was not trying to imply you got it (apology) personally or that it was only you. Just that I never got one from the new CEO, (him), Stephane is male, not female. I am not trying to misconstrue anything, just expressing myself in regards to what happened to me and maybe others based on some of the posts I have read here, on FB, and Twitter.

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Diane B Member Since: Sep 11, 2015
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Exactly. On all fronts referencing your post of 10-13-2015 /3:56am





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Diane B Member Since: Sep 11, 2015
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Hi Mollie,


Ditto to your extremely succinct, detailed, spot-on posting - word-for-word, identical experiences down to the 'recommended jobs' that Upwork has sent over to me in the past weeks since the 'migration', the huge hours in trying to get someone at Upwork to take care of the migration problems with my profile,  - and then, I'm penalized if I don't provide a proposal to some shoddy client who wants $3/hr work.  No proposal answered or, if so, wanting to lower the budget, whereas on Elance, my carefully constructed proposals received a super high percentage of acceptance.  

Same exact issues with migration, 100% recommended with Elance longevity, 5-Star rating, admin-business ops work. Virtual work has become my livelihood.  My clients rely on me. I rely on them. NO issues with payments - incoming or outgoing - that alone is worth an investigation of Upwork 'holding monies' to 'verify and confirm' already-established clients and contractors.  How transparent.


Thank you for taking the time to delineate your experience and setting forth the issues - I haven't seen one nor could I have written a better set of issues to address on all fronts. .  Hopefully, by some quirk of luck, your descriptive narrative will find its way to the boardroom.  It is precise and succinctly outlines the issues.  Coming from a career background involving mergers and acquisitions, I have never seen such a disastrous set of circumstances.   A goodly portion of this is not only due to the technical issues of the platform, but with the JSS having been refined by a statistician who doesn't 'get' it.  Contractors are being penalized for short-term projects or for lack of feedback or for....something.... we're just not quite sure, because......  it's a SECRET!  Really? Not the way grown-ups do business.


Clients are now expressing opinions that rather than tussle with the Upwork platform and its inane systems that ultimately have a negative impact for not only them, but their contractors,  establishing an entirely new platform utilizing the Elance model and screening Clients very very carefully as well as contractors might be justifiable.  They're fearful of losing or not being able to find their loyal, high quality contractors due to the hostile approach that Upwork has taken with its Contractors.  These are highly experienced eCommerce clients who know what they're doing (understand the attendant issues of profit/loss) and were extremely happy with Elance and the high quality of contractor found on Elance.  (Yes, there are good contractors on o'desk, but even those with a modicum of success are now finding their livelhoods in jeopardy due to the JSS and Upwork manipulations.)


Isn't it amazing how our job proposals on Elance were considered worthy of project/job award with good budgets and schedules, and the invites just kept coming,  but the folks at o'desk/upwork seem to think that 'we need to try just a bit harder' to find jobs?   Really??  What a pitiful response.