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Insight on how Job Success Score is calculated

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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without discussing the merits of the Job Success Score system, I can offer you advice for the future.


If you make sure you are paid any amount greater than zero for each job, your job success score will be better.


If you get hired for an hourly job, you make sure you bill at least 10 minutes of work. Every job. Log 10 minutes of time setting up the initial work environment, reading over his requirements, sending him questions about the project, whatever it is. Or just make sure as soon as you are hired you do 10 minutes of work  as soon as possible, following whatever instructions the client gave you, or even simply following information from the job posting.


Now, you have billed ten minutes. The client isn't going to waste his time disputing that. He DID hire you. If he doesn't go forward, tell him: "That's okay.  I completely understand. I have a lot of ideas for this project and I can go forward and work on them without needing additional specific guidance. I can work on this at least 5 hours per week, or more if you want me to. But if you don't want to go forward at this time, you can just close the contract. If you close the contract, then no additional time can be billed. You can always open a new contract when you need me. I'm not going anywhere and I'm easy to find."



Whenever you are hired for a fixed-price job, you need to make sure you complete at least on milestone and submit it. No matter what.


If you end up with a client who says "Oh, things have changed. I can't move forward"... that's okay... You tell him: "Well, I already did this amount of work. How about instead of you paying the full $200, I send you what I did and you pay just $5.00 for that. That way, you will have ownership of what I did, and there won't be any problems with our accounts, because Upwork doesn't like seeing contracts with zero payment."


You're letting the client off the hook. Instead of having to pay $200 for the 20 hours of work you were going to do, he just pays $5.00 for an hour of work you did, and he doesn't have to argue with you or worry about the "problems" you suggested might happen from Upwork. (True fact: clients who repeatedly post jobs without paying contractors will be suspended.)



Remember: Clients hired you to do a job. They used your time in the job proposal and interview process. They said they would pay you money. You are not doing anything wrong by doing some work for them. Do some work before they have a chance to change their mind about the project. Most clients WANT you to get to work as soon as possible. If things change for a client and he doesn't want to move forward with a job, any client should feel relieved a the opportunity to pay $5 instead of $200, and to be able to make a clean break from things without any risk of you complaining or criticizing him.

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Aamir I Member Since: Jul 29, 2015
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I am so upset from this Job Success criteria especially the parts which make no sense.

When this whole job success percentage started , my first score was 89% and i was shocked because that seems wrong but i accepted and move on and close around 4 or 5 perfect projects and my score jumped to 94% and then suddenly no activity happend and my score went again to 89% Smiley Sad


I tried to check with support team but they just give copy paste answer and ask me to read criteria and everything and today i saw another annoucement that 5 star rating will be removed now and only job success is the ceriteria which will be visible Smiley Sad my 5star ranking is 4.99 and now it seems that i am loosing every attraction from my profile Smiley Sad


hating these new changes which make no sense to me

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Aamir I Member Since: Jul 29, 2015
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with one more success , i am now on 86% Smiley Sad

my career getting end..

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Yash C Member Since: Aug 3, 2015
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This is a stupid system. Despite having a 4.96 star rating, over $12,000 earning in 13 projects my Job Success score (JSS) was 84%. I competed another project with 5 star rating and no other activity on my account and my JSS dropped to 80%.


This rating should be abolished..

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Melanie S Member Since: May 7, 2015
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Honestly, I expected my job success to take a hit. I had to move unexpectedly and was forced to end a couple of contracts due to my lack of internet connectivity during that time.
But, my client recommendation rate is 100% and I have a 5 star average. My 50% job success rate has me unable to land new contracts and scrambling to make my rent.
The removal of my star rating on the 15th is pretty much the end of my ability to work here. It's hard to face the folks I recommended this site to now that I can't even support myself.
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Yash C Member Since: Aug 3, 2015
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Dear Upwork Executives,


I find the entire concept of Job success score (JSS) laughable.


The JSS should have been a trasparent method of evalutaing a freelancer's performance. However, upwork proudly says that "... the calculation is more complex than that simple formula." What is the need for the complex formula? Why private feedback? As a freelancer can't see a client's feedback unless freelancer gives his feedback, so let the free feedback flow. Why you have to be so secretive that client should share a private feedback with you? That breeds manipulations.


Unless I have the transparent feedback, how do I improve? For example, I have executed 13 projects with 4.96 star rating and over $12,000 earnings. All the clients have been extremely satisfied and have been rewarding bonus as high as $1,500. But my JSS was 84%. Recently, when I completed a project and earned a 5star rating with 5% bonus, I was expecting an uptick in the JSS. Surprising my JSS dropped to 80% with no other change in the activity. Can someone explain this?


I request Upwork to be transparent in the rating system else scrap the Job Success Score system. As freelancers, we are busy delivering high quality work and are least interested to decode your mind numbing algorithms to calculate JSS.


Look forward to constructive steps.



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Aditi J Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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Why you have to be so secretive that client should share a private feedback with you? That breeds manipulations. >> Well said.



Upwork takes money from freelancers and in return provides them negative feedback (secretly or openly). Perhaps these Upwork folks did not learn word 'Gratitude' while growing up.   

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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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Am I the only one that has seen a huge drop in job invitations and super low quality invites since migrating from Elance to Upwork? I am totally confused as to why someone thinks that Job Success Scores should replace 5-star average Feedback. What is wrong with displaying both and for those of us that have strived to get 5 STAR FEEDBACKS, the average job success scores do not add up the same way if someone did not fill in that part on Elance, or the client did not understand how that may affect a freelancer even if they gave a 5 star feedback overall.


I would really like to participate in a TOWN Hall Meeting online with the people at Upwork that are making decisions that are affecting my ability to make an income similar to what I was making at elance. Since migrating on Sept 16th I have seen nothing that is working right in the system, besides constant changes, I have submitted something like 5 support tickets just trying to get all my past jobs over to upwork, and get the job feed to work, which is still not working properly. Now you take away the Feedback Scores. Please reply with a better solution and what you are doing to fix the reduction in quality job offers for people like myself that came from elance.

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webner paul r Member Since: Aug 10, 2015
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i would really appreciate it if upwork would re-establish the 5 star rating feedback system. the job success scoring is really a stupid idea, a very hard to understand concept and a very misleading rating. that job success rating system doesnt make sense at all and most clients told me that they really dont understand thet job success rating. clients further told me that they read feedbacks on contractors profile page and they use it as a guide in hiring and engaging contracts with freelancers which proves that the project success rating is a BIG FAILURE!


i hope upwork brings back their 5 star rating before they get to experience a huge drop in freelancers and clients in the next coming months.


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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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Agree absolutely!  My Job Success Score which was never correct - at first it was at 94%, now it shows 90% and yet you see this on the My Stats page - Clients who would recommend you 100% - makes no sense at all.


My loss in income opportunities is being felt from the disorganization of this website unfortunately.