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Insight on how Job Success Score is calculated

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Darrin O Member Since: Jan 20, 2015
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@Preston H wrote:
As a contractor, I feel like am very aware of how job scores work, but I don't feel like I am dissuaded from working with new clients. New clients make up a large percentage of my clientele.

Surely you understand the difference between having 7 and 57 past jobs, and the percentage difference one bad client would have on either of our profiles.  Don't make the mistake of thinking your situation applies to everyone, or even most people.  Again, it comes down to what corporate goals Upwork has in structuring the JSS as they have.  To those of us who have yet to build up a history here, these policies do very much discourage new people, both clients and freelancers, from participating on this site.  It's up to Upwork to decide if their goal is stagnation or renewal.


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Anton C Member Since: Mar 26, 2015
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Though my JS has seen only increases and now at 97%, I also find it at least strange that freelancers are required to bug (ok, "work with") clients asking them to close contracts and give feedback. The main problem here is that they don't do it. I had several very old and inactive contracts, some of 2 years or so, I asked them - with no result. They don't even reply. I tried to contact them by email, LinkedIn - the same result. They just disappeared, vanished. Though they were good clients to work with. This system of "working with" just doesn't work, it's dead on arrival. So I just ended these contracts myself. But again I have to admit that it didn't hurt my JS, and I have nothing to complain in this regard.

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Branislav V Member Since: Dec 8, 2014
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This is kinda stupid.


I have few clients that have work on every two months or so. Am i supposed to make them close and re-open contracts every time? Why? What's so bad if the contract is opened? Aso, what is resonable time for contract inactivity anyway?

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Cherry Vic P Member Since: Nov 29, 2010
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Hi Anton, I had a different experience from you. I started with a 100 JS score, and then when I closed the dormant contracts that oDesk paused due to client inactivity (because like you, my clients didn't end the contract themselves after emailing them), my JS went down to 97%. I'm not very bothered with that slight decrease yet, but I wondered if that decrease had something to do with me closing the contract and not the other way around? It was 100% right before I made a succession of closing the contracts, and to my horror, saw that my score decreased right after.


Any idea from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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Mike P Member Since: Nov 5, 2014
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You're wrong Anton, sadly your JSS will take a beating for closing down your own inactive contracts. Just give it time, let it update.

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Biplob B Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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I complete;y agree with you Mr. Darin. Seems like all responsibilities about increasing JSS goes to Freelancers. Not the clients, Some of whom even dont know how to closed a project and give feedback (from my own experience, I had to request and guide him to do that.) .

I think there should some liabilities leave for clients also from Upwork. 

Correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks for pointing out the critical aspects of JSS. 

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Liliana I Member Since: Mar 15, 2016
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I competely agree with Darrin.

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Atifa T Member Since: Aug 4, 2012
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Despite all the replies I still feel that the criteria of job success score needs to be clear. I have experienced continuous decline of my job success score from 100 percent. I tried not to leave any loopholes, but still it has fallen. I am clueless.

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Bernard M Member Since: Jan 8, 2019
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I must say - **We're not saying it's your fault and we're not saying each instance of non-Feedback is counted against you. Again, the occasional job without ratings will not be counted negatively towards your JSS. But, a pattern of this activity has proven to be a 'red flag' for many freelancers and as a result is something that can affect your JSS. Is it unprofessional to badger your clients for anything, including Feedback? Sure. But, that's not what we're advising. We recommend working with your clients to close jobs and reminding them to leave you final ratings. We'll also do the same (remind your clients) when those jobs close.


This is shamefull. So is the answer before this. You did not even read the question porperly. We understand that there is a system to punish those who make trouble. But the system you have does not work to protect the worker in this case. There are many people trying there luck to get a cheap deal and mess over the poor worker and for that you have no system. Ratings that were not done should not count or SHOULD BE MADE MANDATORY! Please tell me why we need to beg for a rating... that is your department.  -  PLEASE TRY HARDER - this is a very bad attitude to have towards a system that does not work. Why is it not mandatory to leave a rating? Explain the logic. Lazy clients or people who dont like judging or criting will not leave a rating. Use common sence. I know this is an old thread - but man, not cool. 

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Deborah L Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Exactly!! I could not agree more. This is a flawed system and it should be fixed now.