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Insight on how Job Success Score is calculated

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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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Diane, thank you for the reply and kind words. I am not the writer I would like to be and have a hard time sometimes getting everything grammatically correct, but when I get on a roll writing sometimes I can't stop especially if someone is messing with my income, family, or others.


I honestly think I am on the way to writing an ebook about this mess.  I just finished a copy/paste of all my posts here so far and if I throw in all the posts on FB and Twitter, and Customer Support Tickets I think I will have a book of about 50 pages so far. **edited for Community Guidelines**


I really like what you had to say about "job proposals"


Isn't it amazing how our job proposals on Elance were considered worthy of project/job award with good budgets and schedules, and the invites just kept coming,  but the folks at o'desk/upwork seem to think that 'we need to try just a bit harder' to find jobs?   Really??  What a pitiful response.



Customer support told me to do the following (if you can believe this) regarding lack of job invites ...


I should review their training for writing proposals

I needed to take their tests

Fill in my profile more 

Upload a video

Then click the FIND Jobs button to look for a new project to work on! 


They never even bothered to look at my profile which was completely filled in, video was already uploaded. Their tests - I cannot say one way or another whether that helps someone make a decision since the test results never made a difference for me on Elance. I am not applying for IT, tech, programmer jobs. I speak and write in English and I don't need their training for writing proposals after 108 successful jobs completed at Elance,


Unbelievable! and REALLY! My words exactly! 


All I can say at this point is... they hung us all out to dry!

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Diane B Member Since: Sep 11, 2015
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Indeed they did Molly.  I'm on Skype in Tampa Florida if/when you wish to chat more about 'how to NOT deep-six several thousand individuals' livelihoods.'  I suspect at this point, however, that you have enough for an excellent case study.   Sorry for the delay in response.  Took me a while to figure out how to get back to the Forums once I signed off. I stumbled onto them by mistake. Go figure.   lol.

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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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Hi Diane,

Tip on how to get back to forum post. Click on the link in your email it should take you right to the post. Sometimes I forget to click on email me when someone replies so I miss replies.  Would love to chat with you on skype sometime, I will try to find you and send you a contact request.


Well, you will love this. My post about thinking about writing an ebook (which I don't know how to publish or time to do it, and never said I was going to publish it) was just censored by UP.  I should have said writing a book instead of ebook.  If you go back and look at my post you will see book title I thought about using (which was said as much as a way to 'vent' as anything else) is now gone, edited out by UP.  A case study would be the ticket instead if one knew how to get the stats to use for it.


Not sure if this post fits the community guidelines at UP so if it gets censored because either one of us mentioned Skype let me know.

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Mollie H Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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Hi John,  Regarding me publishing some form of e-book castigating the system is counter-productive, I agree! I believe I said I was thinking about writing an ebook, probably should have just said (book) instead of ebook since that implies I would publish it perhaps.


I guess you took my very seriously and UP must have too. I don't have time to write an ebook or publish it nor do I know how to do that.


I call this venting and writing - though it may not be productive to you or anyone else that reads it, I have to say it feels better to get it off my shoulders, especially since things are out of control, and no one seems to be able to fix it, I am venting. 


I believe this forum area was called the Water Cooler on Elance. Lord knows what would be said if we could all stand around the water cooler or have a happy hour discussing this and how to deal with it!


Though now it looks like the watchers at UP have already edited my post and removed the title I said might be appropriate for a book that I was thinking about writing.  My actual first sentence was "I honestly think I am on the way to writing an ebook about this mess."  The title I put in the post was just censored by UP **edited for Community Guidelines**.


My thought about censoring will be left unsaid at this time. As for potential clients reading my posts, I can't control how they feel or what they think and hope that maybe they will just see it as total frustration, but if they don't I hope maybe they will contact UP about their issues with the site.


I can't figure out how to get anyone at UP to fix things, if you have productive suggestions of how to do that please post them.


I just wished whoever had time to censor the community board knew how to fix the situation many of us are in.

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MD S Member Since: Aug 29, 2015
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I'm wondering If I end a contract, will it take any impact on my job success score?


I have some contracts running since end of the 2012. I have tried contacting the clients through email, skype etc. But they never replied.


I know ending a contract by me won't give me a chance to leave feedback or either let the client leave feedback. So, will it leave any impact on my job success score?


Also, I had 100% job success before elance merge with upwork. When I merged my elance account and all my contracts merged with upwork, my job success jumped down to 93%. I'm not sure why, but had good feedback on those contract on elance.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I'm wondering If I end a contract, will it take any impact on my job success score?"


Yes, it will have an impact.


The impact may be small, or it may be delayed, but mathematically speaking, it WILL have an impact.


That impact will be greatly affected by whether or not the client who created the contract provides feedback.


if it is a recently-concluded contract, a client may very likely get email notification that a contract has closed, or notice the closure while checking their account, and the client just might decide to leave feedback.


Or you could notify the client that you closed the account and ask him to leave feedback.


But if it is a long-dormant, inactive contract, it is unlikely that a client will be aware of the closure and leave feedback.


It is better to contact a client and ask them to leave close the contract.


You don't need to ask the client to leave feedback if they close the account. They will automatically be asked by Upwork to do so.

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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I would agree with Preston that contractor actions to encourage contract closure by clients—if any are taken—should be done upon contract conclusion, while completion of the work is fresh in clients' minds, and a request for closure can be presented as part of your contract management routine.


I would also agree that long-dormant contracts should be left alone. Upwork defines "long-dormant" as 90 days without activity; it will auto-request client closure and feedback twice before auto-closing the contract. While it is plausible, some say likely, that these notices will be seen as spam and/or ignored—or simply not seen at all—the same could be said of any messages from the contractor. I would rather rely on whatever slim chance of eliciting feedback the auto-reminders may have than to be going hat-in-hand to clients months after the fact to bother them with Upwork's administrative requirements.




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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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I'm surprised to hear that you have (dormant?) contracts running back to 2012. If these contracts are active as often as every 90 days, they should not be a concern, and will count in your favor as long-term contracts. If any of them have been dormant for longer than 90 days, I would have expected Upwork to have auto-closed them.




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Valiantsina Z Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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I also do not understand how inactive contracts can reflect any "job success"? I am a bookkeeper and my services might be required once a year. So if a client doesn't want to create a new job and keeps open just one inactive and restarts it whenever he needs me... Inactive contracts are potential work for me... Rather than spending time on looking for new leads I would rather contact some of those "inactive contracts" to get them restarted.

What about those "inactive contracts" and "no feedback" from inactive clients? Some clients could just have stopped using Upwork. Most of my "no feedback" and I am sure this relates to most of the freelancers are from "inactive clients" and some of the "no feedback" because a client increased the rate and he didn't even know that he is required to leave a feedback - no message sent by Upwork. I can't tell like "thanks for raising my rate, now please give me a 5-star feedback" Smiley Happy

I am sure that both clients and freelancers would feel much more comfortable to be able to manage their contracts on their own. I also agree with other freelancers that this is not professional to ask a client to close the contract and to leave a feedback. And also Upwork (not freelancers!) should be more persistant to get the feedbacks. Send reminders etc.


So as you can guess I have a bunch of such inactive contracts (some of them are more than a year old) I now I need to think of such silly things like what is better - to keep them inactive or to close and get "no feedback". Is it better to close them asap or close one per month? 

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Deborah L Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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So here is the issue. I had a client through no fault of mine hired me and then never moved forward. I have no idea what went wrong with the client. He just fell off with no kind of explanation. MY job success score is being lowered because of this. That is wrong. This is a flawed system.