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Re: Introducing Upwork Plus for Clients

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Louise E Member Since: Jul 19, 2018
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As a former freelancer I stopped using Upwork when you charged me 20% of the fee -Said I would leave and I did within 2 months.


As a client of former Odesk (which was great) and then Upwork (terrible to say the least), now that I have to pay to see the same reports, I am gone.


I have just informed my freelancers to find other platforms, this week will be the last billing cycle.


I will be gone, now, gone for good never to return.


I am willing to bet the platform goes bankrupt -that is what greed does to you.




Dont say I didnt tell you so and I will not be back, not even if you reverse the situation -I got tired of it as a freelancers & you for sure will not be playing those games with me when I am spending the money making you money on your platform.



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Bill Q Member Since: Aug 19, 2017
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I'm a freelancer on Upwork and also a client.


I cannot believe Upwork is so short sighted as to make this mantatory for all clients.


Yesterday, one of my best clients told me they are leaving Upwork once my current project is complete.


As a client, I am not paying for reports. Upwork is forcing me to leave and find other options.