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Apr 21, 2022
Introducing the New Upwork Klaviyo Partnership

We are excited to share that on April 14, we are launching a new partnership with Klaviyo, an email and SMS marketing platform. This partnership offers freelancers another opportunity to market their services to clients and also helps clients connect with successful freelancers. 

“We are extremely excited to launch a partnership with Klaviyo because we believe many of their clients can significantly benefit from using Project Catalog. This partnership is the first of many that will not only unlock a new pathway to inform and help joint clients, but it will also provide Upwork freelancers with more work,” shares Grace Garcia, Upwork Product Manager.

This partnership is open to Top Rated, Top Rated Plus, Expert-Vetted, and Klaviyo-certified freelancers who can set up specific projects for email platform support in Project Catalog. 

Freelancers who meet the above criteria can create two projects for Klaviyo clients:

  • Account Setup project: Create a project that focuses on setting up a Klaviyo account for clients.
  • Strategy Audit project: Create a project that focuses on auditing an existing Klaviyo account setup for clients.

These projects offer freelancers a chance for increased visibility to clients who are ready to work with professionals on email platform support. In addition, Klaviyo clients can more easily find talent and work with the right freelancers from the start.

Click here for more information on the Klaviyo and Upwork Partnership Program in Project Catalog.