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Introducing the World’s Work Marketplace

Upwork Staff
Lars A Upwork Staff Member Since: Apr 30, 2021
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Screenshot from May 4, 2021 9_09 AM.png

Greetings Upwork Community,


We would like to share a big announcement with all of you! 


Upwork is introducing a new industry category—the work marketplace, which is designed as a place where independent professionals, like yourself, can cultivate trusted, long-term client relationships, and secure meaningful and consistent work. This effort is designed to raise awareness of Upwork and create more opportunities for our highly talented community. The changes we’ve made help us shine an even stronger spotlight on your range of skills, capabilities, and professional value, and make Upwork an even easier and more engaging place to do the work you love. 


At the same time, we’re unveiling a new brand identity and brand advertising campaign to help independent talent and clients better understand how our work marketplace can help them achieve more together. Our brand look and feel has been reimagined to reflect what we’re creating together and celebrates independent talent helping companies thrive in the remote economy. You will notice a variety of visual changes that bring an updated design to the site as part of our rebranding effort. This fresh new look includes a small change to our logo, updating our existing colors to brighter hues, and adding new fonts and invigorating photos and illustrations that showcase who we are today. 


This tremendous effort was brought to life by agencies and independent talent from our work marketplace in collaboration with Upwork’s internal team.


The new ad campaign, Up We Go, tells the story of independent talent and companies taking a leap forward to create better businesses, better careers, and better lives. It recognizes the importance and power of independent talent working alongside businesses to move work forward with amazing outcomes again and again. 


Why are we launching a new industry category?


2020 changed the world of work as we know it. Companies are realizing the competitive advantage of working with independent talent and independent professionals are embracing the opportunity to gain more freedom and control over their careers.


We coined this new industry category to better reflect how, together with our community of independent professionals and clients, we are building a place where strong, trusted relationships can thrive without the constraints of traditional work. We’re dispelling the outdated freelancer stereotypes and helping companies  understand the value of leveraging highly-skilled independent talent to accomplish anything, no matter how big or small the ambition


Learn more about the work marketplace industry category here


What is a work marketplace


You can think of it as an on-demand global marketplace of highly-skilled independent talent that helps companies immediately scale and grow. 


Talent, welcome to your professional home. 

  • For talent, the work marketplace is where independent professionals can connect with like-minded clients to grow their business and gain more freedom and control over their career while doing work they love. This new industry category carves out a place for independent talent to explore more opportunities, develop trusted work relationships, and find their home for work.

Businesses, gain control and immediately scale.

  • For clients, the work marketplace provides immediate access to the expertise of independent talent from around the world, enabling companies to have more control and create sustainable growth for their businesses by leveraging the marketplace to rapidly scale up or down based on their needs in the moment. It’s designed so that over time, companies can build a virtual talent bench of highly-skilled, independent talent to help them tackle the changing demands of businesses and market conditions. 


What are the ways to work in the work marketplace?


No matter the level of support customers need or what they want to achieve, Upwork has a solution. 


Talent Marketplace™ is where professionals can find the work they love and companies can hire the pros they need to help them get ahead. Easy-to-purchase project offerings are available in Project Catalog™—which allows talent to set the scope, terms, and price on pre-packaged projects so companies can quickly browse and buy projects to expand their capabilities. For a more hands-on approach, we can help pair the right talent to projects with Talent Scout™, a service that connects businesses with specialized recruiters to help match them with talent that aligns with their goals, from filling highly-specialized roles to building entire teams. Talent Scout helps highly-skilled professionals connect with rewarding opportunities with clients from ambitious start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.


You can expect to see ongoing feature enhancements as we continue to improve the usability of our platform. Explore more about the ways to use Upwork in our Work Marketplace blog.


To celebrate this special moment, enjoy this new MixCloud mix, Up We Go! produced especially for this day by an independent producer, illustrator, and DJ, all hired right here on Upwork!


If you have feedback about the changes, we’d love to hear it!


Up We Go!



Lars Asbjornsen

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Screenshot from May 4, 2021 9_09 AM.png

Community Guru
Kelly B Member Since: Jan 1, 2016
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Am I the only person who doesn't understand how this is any different at all from the current way we do things?

Community Guru
Mark F Member Since: Jul 10, 2018
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Kelly B wrote:

Am I the only person who doesn't understand how this is any different at all from the current way we do things?

Well you can't be the only one because me too.  


Also I need to figure out what the font is they are using so I can hunt it down and kill it.

Active Member
Shamila I Member Since: Oct 22, 2020
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Thank you for bringing up the font, Mark.  I will join that hunting party!


Ace Contributor
Christopher H Member Since: Feb 1, 2019
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I've read it multiple times and am still not really sure what they are reads like they are announcing something...but then it doesn't

Community Guru
Wes C Member Since: May 3, 2019
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Kelly B wrote:

Am I the only person who doesn't understand how this is any different at all from the current way we do things?

No, it seems like the same thing with harder-to-read fonts, blinding brighter greens, and more ™️s. And is that a Teletubby in the bottom right corner?


Upwork, please—keep the ™️s if you want, but revert the UI. Please.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "And is that a Teletubby in the bottom right corner?"


The chatbot's name is "Data."


Not joking. If you try it out, it will tell you its name.


I'm not sure I would say it is a Teletubby per se. I would describe it as "Teletubby-adjacent."

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Preston and Wes,


We had to say goodbye to the teletubbyRobot Happy He was a temporary glitch that has now been corrected and the chatbot icon is now showing as intended.

~ Valeria
Community Guru
Amanda L Member Since: Jan 23, 2018
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Valeria K wrote:

Preston and Wes,


We had to say goodbye to the teletubbyRobot Happy He was a temporary glitch that has now been corrected and the chatbot icon is now showing as intended.

Valeria, it's still only available from the Community Forum screen though. I can't find the chatbot in my profile pages, where I used to be able to click and get support. 

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Amanda, 

Thank you for patiently waiting as I looked into this further. If memory serves me right, I don't think the chatbot icon shows in your profile pages. However, I can see that it's available on your Help Center pages. Do you need help with anything specific today?

~ Avery