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Job size will now be factored into your JSS

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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Mrwan S wrote:

Hey Petra,

please can you look at this my JSS just droped to 96% while im doing all the work as usual it always have been 99-100% so its kinda weird for me to see it drop like this! im currently working on a hourly contract and a long term couple of contracts and a normal contracts from now and then.

and all the idle contracts are already have milestones payed so i think its fine, isnt it ?

also have one contract which is idle and nothing have been payed because unresponsive client, may it cause this ?

please if you have time give my account a look and let me know what made this drop and what should i do to get my JSS back to 99-100%

also i didnt propose for a new jobs for a while because im busy on my current contracrs

thanks a lot

Just so you know, Petra is an extremely well informed freelancer, who is also generous in sharing her time and expertise. She may or may not take requests.

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Frederick I Member Since: Jan 28, 2019
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Thanks, I appreciate it! It helped.

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Ivan M Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Hi community,


With the introduction of ridiculous rules by Upwork, the results of all this are slowly emerging.
I have been a professional freelancer for almost 10 years and this is currently the worst period on the freelancer platform so far (due to poor platform management).


All the best and good luck!


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Ivan M Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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This Upwork seems to have cracked!
When it was oDesk, one content was one bid.
When Upwork came along, they started inventing something.
First with the funny rules of JSS, and then with the content. It is now necessary depending on the project (and the criteria are ridiculous) 2, 4 or 6 content.

They threw out the monthly amount of bids that follow for free.
They ask for membership plus to be paid or for bids to be paid, so when they see that bids are not being bought, they are given as gifts because a client return the message.
It's not funny anymore, I don't know ...

I have a forest, a garden (almost every family in my "poor" country has that). And my country is considered one of the poorest in Europe.
Despite all that, I don't have to put up with this nonsense being imposed on me.

Upwork, if it doesn't offer me decent working conditions, ie conditions that do not offend intelligence, will not make money on me.

Very, very simple. You won’t make money on me, and I’ve been a professional freelancer for about 10 years.



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Claudio S Member Since: Oct 27, 2020
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Hi guys, 

Same on this side. Not a single negative feedback, been a top rated for the last 4 years uninterruptedly and now my JSS dropped to a miserable 88%. 

No idea why, I have been working with medium to long term customers for the last 2 months, but it might be time to move my business to a different platform.


I appreciate sincerity and honesty, not this shady acts. How can someone's score can drop so low with no bad reviews from customers? What about transparency?

Shame on you, Upwork.

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jerico t Member Since: Oct 26, 2020
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i closed  contracts amounting around 800usd with 5 stars review, no increase in jss. then i close a contract with a bad client worth 80usd and my jss dropped 8%. just great.

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Ivan M Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Congratulations Upwork team!

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Ashraf K Member Since: Oct 15, 2019
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Hi Everyone! 


After having a very little success on Upwork soon after I registered in late 2019, I was on and off on Upwork trying my luck, as I had my private consulting firm. Post Covid-19 and the firm gone I tried very hard literally sending out a large number of proposals. And got lucky! 


Got 2-3 clients with good feedback, earned rising talent soon and that helped me win few more good projects 2 projects with 1K+ value and a few small projects. Within 1 month I was eligible for Top Rated and was waiting for 13 weeks to end...within two months I am 5K plus in 12 months earning.

Now, most client experiences have been great, but one client with a project value of $ 200 gave me 4.8-star rating and no feedback and my Client who would recommend me dropped to 88%, I used to check my stats every two days and after that $200 value contract closed the score dropped and the following Monday my JSS dropped to 95%. 


So that got me a little worried because in 3 weeks I might have become Top Rated, I was just waiting for 13week period to complete, as I met all other criteria for Top Rated. How and why did a $200 job caused 5% decrease in the score? Some might argue I can't be sure it is because of that project but I know it for a fact it was her rating because I did not close any contract after 28th Nov except for her contract which was closed on 15th Dec. 


Now my question is how can I ensure I sail through these 3 weeks period without any problem and become a top-rated freelancer? Should I just avoid closing open contracts? and let them close it after the 3rd week of Jan? To keep my JSS at the same level? 


I have 3 projects all $1K + in value completed to so degree that I can request the client to close and hope for a better private feedback and take a chance or just wait till 13 weke period is over?






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Muhammad S Member Since: Dec 10, 2020
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I have completed 5 jobs from 3 different clients but still not received JSS. Is there any problem? Or someone let me know when will I get Job Success Score? Thank you all
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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Muhammad S wrote:
I have completed 5 jobs from 3 different clients but still not received JSS. Is there any problem? Or someone let me know when will I get Job Success Score? Thank you all

Most of your "contracts" are miniscule. When someone's contracts are so tiny, it often takes a few more before a JSS is calculated (it also leaves a poor impression)


You may get a JSS the next time it is updated on Sunday.


You may also want to rewrite your profile overview....