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Job size will now be factored into your JSS

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Sandra Fadzai S Member Since: Aug 4, 2020
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Oh wow! So I'm not smart? 


No, I wasn't screaming that was a typing error Petra! Thanks for your help.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Sandra Fadzai S wrote:

Oh wow! So I'm not smart? 

You didn't set up the contract, did you?

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Ali K Member Since: May 27, 2015
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Hi ,


Please guide me if client end contract without using any hour can impact on JSS 

please guide both cases if client give good feedback or negative even i did not use any hour 

I saw client cancelled contract 


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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A zero-hour or zero-pay contract will NOT appear on your public profile page.

It will NOT affect your JSS (unless the client leaves negative private feedback).

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Ali K Member Since: May 27, 2015
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According to your above situation if client give negative feed back than how much its harmful for jss

because i did not earn  any $ and contract was per hour

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Mrittunjoy S Member Since: Dec 1, 2020
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A few days back I read in an Upwork article that higher earnings can boost my JSS. Can someone tell me what amount is considered a high earning. Is the high earning calculated by considering my previous job earnings?


Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Mrittunjoy,


It seems like you are referring to the job size, which is now factored into the JSS calculation. I'd recommend that you please check out this post to learn more about this.

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Duy N Member Since: Mar 20, 2020
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My client offer me an unclear offer, I accepted it, then he end the contract without inform me in advance and we haven't had any works. It is $0. I guess he gave me bad private feedback.

Does $0 contract impact to JSS?

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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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If he gave you bad private feedback, then yes, it could have an impact. But why would he do this if you didn't do any work together?

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Robert O Member Since: Sep 29, 2017
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To clarify:

A job with a negative review that gets fully refunded. Does this affect JSS?