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Feb 24, 2021
Join us for Mindfulness March

When asked to describe the past year in a single word, my top choice was exhausted. Like many of you, I was already working from home, but the pandemic and quarantining created a new reality. We were in Isolation (or some still are). We no longer have the outlet to interact at a local coffee shop or co-working space, visit friends and family, or enjoy our normal routines.


This past year has required resilience from everyone in every part of the world. For most, we will continue to be challenged as we collectively pull through the pandemic alongside ongoing and emerging global events. While we can’t change what’s happened, we can provide some peace and calmness to reward your mind for working overtime this past year.


We are dedicating the entire month of March in the Community to mindfulness to provide brief respites, bursts of joy, and to share mindfulness practices from around the world to help counter common issues like burnout. We know it doesn’t solve the big problems, but we do know we could all use a little boost in the practice of self-care.


What you can expect:

In our Coffee Break area throughout March, we will host live virtual yoga sessions and share weekly informative posts and discussions to help reinvigorate your mind! 


Every Tuesday at 7am (PST) and Thursday at 4pm (PST) during the month of March we will host live virtual uplifting yoga sessions led by Upwork Freelancer and Top Rated Talent, Natalie Thomas. Natalie is a Virtual Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach who has worked with Upwork corporate teams to impart mindfulness and wellbeing into the workplace and we would like to share her calming techniques with all of you! 


Save the dates below to your calendar!

Join us [here] on Tuesdays in March, beginning on March 2, 2021, at 7am (PST) 

Join us [here] on Thursday in March, beginning on March 4, 2021, at 4pm (PST)


If you miss a session, each will be available for one week until the following session.

Also, stay tuned in the Coffee Break discussion board throughout the month for engaging conversations, live events, and tips on staying happy and healthy.