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Aug 31, 2021
Meet our Community Featured Contributor Ashraf K.

Meet our Community Featured Contributor Ashraf K.




  • What job category do you work in?
    Financial Modeling, Excel Automation & Visualization

  • When did you begin using Upwork?
    Been active since Octiber 2020!

  • Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started Freelancing, or running your business online?
    Covid-19 made me think of and consider freelancing as a serious career option. And I am glad I did it! Before that, I spent about a decade in Investment Banking in the Middle East; when I returned to India, my home country, I set up a financial consultancy in India. Being a business owner, I never got the chance to take a break or vacation, which I finally did in Dec-2019. When I returned to India after the vacation in Mar-2020, everything would change because of Covid-19. A few months later, I logged into my Upwork account I created just before going on vacation. I started sending out proposals and winning jobs!

  • What do you enjoy the most/least about working online, Ashraf?
    Since my consultancy days, I have been the boss of my own and many others, but that still required me to wake up early and go to the office in the morning! Working online gives me the flexibility to work late in the night and wake up when I want to!

  • What was your most successful project/contract?
    I have tried a few other freelancing platforms, but hands-down, I found the quality of clients on Upwork to be the best! Most projects have been successful; I can’t recall any that stands out!


  • Do you have any advice for other users on Upwork?
    Yes, I have an advice, and it is just common sense: It is disheartening to read, on the forum, how a fellow freelancer lost money by working on an unfunded milestone trusting the client! Don’t to do this, Upwork can’t help you if you do not follow the rules. If your client explicitly allows you to log manual hours, be ready to lose the earning from those hours. Use the time tracker! Follow the rules and you’ll be safe!

  • Anything else you want to add? You can also share some fun interesting things about you Smiley Happy
    Now that the Covid-19 is slowing down, I am missing the lockdown period. Nothing really fun about me, I am very boring person who does not socialize much nor do I go out much! When I am not working, I am watching random stuff on YouTube! --- Upwork probably has the most active Community providing instant expert answers or opinions. And I really appreciate the contribution of Petra R & Preston H, thank you.