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Jun 21, 2021
Meet our Community Featured Contributor Viacheslav K.

Meet our Community Featured Contributor Viacheslav K.




  • What job category do you work in?
    Full Stack Web Development

  • When did you begin using Upwork?
    April 2015

  • Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started Freelancing, or running your business online?
    I was on my second year studying Math at a University, when my friend that was working on Upwork, told me that no one asked for his degree when he was hired. Feeling that I could do better focusing my time learning how to code myself, I left. And 2 years later, on the first week of looking for work, I found my first job on Upwork.

  • What do you enjoy the most/least about working online, Viacheslav?
    I love the flexibility! I can work as many hours as I feel productive. I love being able to work from home.

  • What was your most successful project/contract?
    Many web project run out of budget without being able to earn back their investment. But there was one client that wanted to make a cryptocurrency trading bot website. I am very skeptical about that field, because often clients believe it’s a money printer. But when the project went public there was an overwhelming positive feedback and he earned back everything he invested in the first months.


  • Do you have any advice for other users on Upwork?
    Always be honest! Integrity is what will help you find the best clients, and make the communication work on the long run!

  • Anything else you want to add? You can also share some fun interesting things about you Smiley Happy
    I spoke 5 languages by the age of 5. I was born in a village near the Romanian border in Ukraine, where people spoke in Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian. And additionally learned English and German by watching cartoons and anime that aired by that time on satellite TV.