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Memberships and Connects - Community FAQs

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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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@Vladimir G wrote:

Hi Vesna,


With such a high Success Score and great work history, you shouldn't have any problems standing out. According to your profile Stats, you already are being hired more often than average among other freelancers in your category. Moreover, with the new connects system, we expect freelancers to apply to fewer jobs they are better fit for. Therefore, with less competition you will need to send less application to land a job.

To stand out where if I can't apply at the first place? It's 1 application per day. Hey!


Are you saying those people that were hired instead of me wouldn't be hired if only oDesk somehow prevented them from applying? It's half of jobs where client declined my application then hired other freelancer(s). Vice versa. In 8 % cases I was hired just because client was too tired to go through all applicants where he might chose better option? Is this some strategy: play hard to get, from oDesk?


For me, it seems more like hard to get to play. I don't have a third eye to know in advance which job posts are a total loss of time, not because of a competition, but because of a careless client.

Don't correct my grammar!
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Dean a Member Since: Oct 25, 2009
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Heres what Odesk dont seem to get


First of all freelancing is not job security.

Secondly taking money from freelancers and clients is one thing but charging freelancers for a membership is not good business. There is a reason why Elance made this acquisition and thats because Odesk was making more money than Elance.


So instead of learning from Odesk, no they implemented this sytem to 1. set a standard 2. To make back their acquisition cost.


The end result is not going to be good long term and I can explain it in economical terms.


For one, the point of freelancing is to be in control. With freelancing you have no control now with these new rules. When you have what ever little security there was left, is now taken away with connects.


Someone hasnt yet addressed connects and the hidden application factor in yet? What happens when your application is hidden because their wonky algorthym decides to hide your application - am I then still paying for those connects?


With freelancing you continually have to look for work ALL the time, that is if you like eating 3 meals per day.


So now in my opinion I cant forsee myself being on this platform for much longer. I worked full time and am rated in the top 10% in my field, I have worked thousands of hours on this platform.


In the real world I could be earning about 50% more, I chose not to go that route due to the comfort of being able to find regular work, that is until Odesk decided that they would like to now change how applications are filtered and these connects.


So now I have to connect the dots in my mind.


Do I pay for work which is not guaranteed, has no prospects of leading to anything, just for the sake of working from home ALONE or do I now go back to the real world?


To be honest I think I will go back to the real world. I have no time to play around on a plaform that OWNS you. Odesk doesnt care about any of us.


They have shown time and time again.


What the freelance community needs is someone that can create an independent platform rather than have a corporation like odesk handling and beeing in between.


I wish the last CEO who sold this company could have just thought of the thousands of people who get work on it. If he had consulted a few marketers on this platform he could have made more money than selling us out to a corporation which is nothing more than an algorthym sucking the money out of those bleeding to provide quality work.


I love my work, I have had some amazing clients, I have hired great people on here from all over the world but there comes a time to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.


I said when the first changes were made regarding their algorthym that if anything else toppled the cart I would be out of here pretty fast and low and behold Its arrived. 


So now we have to contend with paying a monthly fee, applying for jobs which take up credits (2 I might add), the insecurity factor of being a freelancer, no benfits, no holiday and when you way up the pros/cons (and I have on paper) along with having applications hidden because cover letters have to be unique = losing battle.




Odesk is creating an environment where the guys who did small jobs are not going to want to be online paying for connects with $2.00 for a $20 job, those professionals like myself who can have clients leave feedback what they like for the world to see, algorthyms to contend with, memberships to get work.


Odesk killed those on the lower portion of the freelancing chain looking for -$20 jobs

Odesk killed professionals looking to make a long term career move on this platform


I never thought I would say so but Im actually looking foreward to going back to a job after this rollercoaster ride odesk has taken all of us through the past 8 months with their changes.


When I leave I wont be using the platform either to hire freelancers.


From now on dont use these forums to complain, vote with your wallet and your feet. 


P.S Good luck odesk, hope you can explain it to your investors when they ask to see their return on investment and you come up short.


No happy freelancers = no happy clients.

No happy clients = no happy freelancer

No happy people = no happy investors

No happy investors = the head chopped off of the chop who thought they would introduce this while working a safe secure job.


Try work as a freelancer with these rules and you will quickly see how both sides feel about this move.


Not a smart move especially when you have investors/bankers to go back to and report on your innovative hair brained scheme.


Typical short term investor syndrome. 


I would never consider a part time role freelancing on Odesk while working. Its too much time, hassle and effort doing both. Freelancing as the top freelancers know its an ALL or Nothing game. 


Let me give you freelancers the facts.


Myself with 2,200+ hrs has to apply for 50-80 Jobs to land one contract ON A GOOD MONTH.

Now with Odesks rule of hiding applications because they want unique cover letters for each job, those applications used to take me 20 mins per day to send 6 applications, now it takes me 45-50 mins.


But back then I didnt have to pay for connects nor contend with the spam man. So now Its going to cost me $200 per month using my previous ratios and about 4 hrs per week to keep on applying for work which isnt stable?


Common who is fooling who here?


Does Odesk really think people are going to want to stay on this forum? Long term freelancers? 


Anyone who freelancers for more than 4 months knows what Im talking about.


Odesk was good once upon a time, the only thing left of the old odesk is the name and their logo - **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Thanks Odesk 


And good luck to all of you who have hired freelancers in the past and good luck to freelancers with this new system.



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Ryan A Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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What is this COMPANY thinking??????


Is this the result of there so calledl RESEARCH!


This CONNENCT system is totally out of control how can I win a job if I can only apply 30 jobs in a month!!!!!!


If you tell me I should improved my profile or prorosal then look at ODesk Profile.


It will take me more than 50 application just to win here!


And you make EVERYTHING 2 CONNECT Each!!!!

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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@Ryan A wrote:


how can I win a job if I can only apply 30 jobs in a month!!!!!!

When connects were first mentioned, it was stated that the average freelancer applies to no more than 30 jobs a month. And those who aren't average can pay $10 monthly to get another 10 connects as we know, and even buy more connects at $1 per connect. Good luck everyone--may your applications not be auto hidden, may your clients always hire someone.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Neeraj D Member Since: Apr 1, 2015
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Dean a Member Since: Oct 25, 2009
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Can Odesk Let the community know


What is going to happen when we purchase connects only to find our applications are being hidden?


How or how are we going to be compensated for this?


Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Dean,


We encourage you to keep evaluating jobs carefully so you can decide whether they are a good fit for your skills and experience. We will continue automatically hiding proposals that aren’t a good fit for a job. Please have a look at more info about Connects and Memberships.

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Dean a Member Since: Oct 25, 2009
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Why does Odesk always dodge the question & why doesnt Odesk simply hire the freelancer rather than clients if Odesk think they know best.


This platform makes you feel like you are in school 


Odesks rules - So we as freelancers must just keep on paying for connects and If "Odesk" decide which applications to hide they will do so?


Sorry I made up my mind I wont be staying.


Freelancing just got a whole less secure with having to pay for work where 30% of the jobs applied for never hire, the 20% you apply for your jobs get hidden and now you have to probably pay $100+ per month to get in front of  a client when Odesk can simply spam your application.


If the postmen around the world acted the way Odesk treat their freelancers application, we would all have 40% less mail and the companies would be bankrupt 


If Im paying to apply for jobs, WHY should odesk hide my application? Why would anyone want to continue using this platform if their applications are hidden and actually who gives ODesk the right to decide what one can and cant apply for - this is for the people applying for jobs to decide NOT ODESK


I will personally send the CEO a 1st class hand delivered message when I leave this platform expaling WHY i did so.

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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Are you a freelancer working for Odesk or are you a Freelancer who runs a business. 


Act accordingly.


I run a busines and do so in a way that best benefits me. I work the cost of connects into my business model.

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adrian t Member Since: Nov 20, 2009
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I agree with the Connects sistem and I really think is a great addition to this site but what I really don't like is that is getting harder to get a well paid project even if you have a lot of experience on oDesk and you are labeled as Good Fit.

There are a lot of clients and some of them with a good history on oDesk who are looking for very good freelancers but they don't offer a fair payment. From what I remember 2-3 years ago this was not happening so often.