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Memberships and Connects - Community FAQs

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Raju M Member Since: Feb 21, 2015
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Hi Pat,


I agree with you 100% on the Premium Membership plan, it's really corporate bs. Ever since I heard of oDesk and Elance merger I've been dreading that they will change oDesk into a platform that I couldn't relate to and now they have started to do exactly that. I work at oDesk because I know it's fair for all freelancers, every one gets equal opportunity to land a job and this premium membership bs will destroy the foundation of oDesk. Hope all freelancers could come together and oppose this premium membership implementation.



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Dell B Member Since: Mar 28, 2015
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That's why elance is failed because of that membership and now odesk agree merged with elance and emulate the same membership fee.

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Muhammad R Member Since: Dec 27, 2014
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I totally agree with you. now odesk is going to be just like elance, Only to earn from freelauncers. 

All freelauncers are unhappy with this new system.


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Ignacio M Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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**edited for Community Guidelines**


I was wondering if you could let us ask questions to the clients, that are publicly visible, as it is done in PeoplePerHour, so we don't waste our soon-to-be meager applications.

Many job offers don't contain enough information and we have no way to speak with the client other than with our applications.



Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Ignacio,


If you come across a job post which doesn't offer enough detail about the scope and work requirements, report it. We we'll review and if appropriate contact the Client so they can provide more detail in the job description or remove the post for policy infringement.

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Ignacio M Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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Hi Vladimir,


When reporting a job, as in "Flag as inappropiate", there are no options to do this. All the reasons to report are for different things.


This is the totality of a job posted recently:


"Have a product I have outline of that needs a clean design. Will give details to qualified applicants."


How would I report that it has no information with this options?:


Flag as inappropriate:


Contact information included

Asking for free work

Phishing/fraud Job

is in wrong category

Client requesting to work outside of oDesk


Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Ignacio,


If you feel like the post has to be put in front of the oDesk Team for a review, you can flag it either as Spam or as a Job in Wrong Category. Thank you!

~ Valeria
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Ignacio (contractor) and Vladimir (oDesk moderator):
Both of you mean well in your comments about how to grapple with the situation in which one sees brief job postings which provide little information about the job.

But your suggestions are unnecessary.

Clients as well as contractors compete in the oDesk marketplace.

If a client posts a job listing that is perhaps too vague for Ignacio's way of thinking, that is fine. Ignacio is welcome to ignore the job listing. Another job listing will come along in a few seconds, one which better suits him.

I am not sure how this hurts Ignacio. He is not forced to apply to that job, and it costs him no connects and little time to quickly glance over a listing and realize it isn't his cup of tea.

If a client's job posting isn't detailed enough, maybe it will be at a competitive disadvantage, but let the contractors decide that. I don't need Ignacio to decide that for me.

The job listing may very well be the type of job listing that other contractors don't mind bidding on. I routinely apply to jobs which provide few details, and I often find very open-minded clients who don't have a lot of experience but who are willing to pay for top-flight talent to help them realize their vision of a software tool or other project.

You complain about a project listing like this:
"Have a product I have outline of that needs a clean design. Will give details to qualified applicants."

Fine, don't apply. But I have earned a large amount of money by applying to job listings like this.

I almost have to chuckle a bit at the idea that we should flag as inappropriate any job posting which "doesn't offer enough detail about the scope and work requirements". Because no job posting has enough detail about scope and work requirements. That is why whenever a client agrees to hire me, I always re-write the scope and work requirements and send the re-written description to the client so that he can use it in making the official offer.

Clients are not required to be experts in my field. That is why they hire me. I do not expect them to know how to write a proper project description.

Please understand that writing a proper project description or detailing scope or outlining work requirements all require effort. These things take time and require work and they require knowledge and experience. Ignacio wants all clients to do these things.

But what is oDesk if not a place where a client can obtain help? I'm perfectly happy to let a client pay me to do these things for him, as one of the first steps we take toward realizing his goals.

And as for hourly projects? The client is paying for my time, so the complete scope and detailed project requirements are not necessary to have at the outset. If the client sees my profile and interviews me and is willing to hire me and pay my my hourly rate to work for him, then I certainly do not require him to create a detailed outline of everything I will do for him in the future. He can tell me on a day-to-day basis, if that's what he wants.
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Gyan D Member Since: Sep 4, 2014
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I believe the framework you presented is inapplicable here. In a competition, the participants are aware that they are competing. After a job is posted, a freelancer can see that there is an existing list of applicants who are his/her competitors and that there is a judge viz. the client. This informs the freelancer to prepare a pitch whose aim is to compete against the other pitches. When the job is awarded, the freelancer is aware who the winner is, what their bid was, and what their profile presentation looks like. This can help the freelancer going forward.


Whereas a client is soliciting services - they want something done, within a specific timeframe and for a price acceptable to them. Communicating as much of this information to potential applicants will only help their cause, and yet it is missing from a surprising proportion of job postings.


The client doesn't receive any signal from oDesk or elsewhere of how many freelancers did NOT apply because of a lack of information or unrealistic demands,

And hence there is no signal for the client to improve - they can't tell whether it's the platform which lacks qualified workers or their posting is inadequate.


And I seriously doubt many clients go around poking through the other active listings to check the budgets or communication of scope or popularity of similar jobs before composing their own posting. A job posting is presented as a a competition for the freelancers, it's not presented as such for the clients.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Gyan, thank you for your thoughtful response.
Regardless of how we wish to frame the oDesk model, all job postings are presented in a forum in which they are presented to contractors who freely choose whether or not to apply to that job listing. Better job listings are likely to garner a more appropriate and more useful selection of candidates. That is simply how oDesk works, although you are welcome to think of this in the context of competition or not, as you prefer.

A vague job posting is less likely to illicit a very precise, applicable candidate pool, but I believe the client should have the ability to post such a listing. The wide variety of responses may well be what he desires. And if I can see that a posting is presented by somebody who has a positive track record of hiring and paying contractors sell, then I may well decide to throw my hat in the ring, let the client contact me for an interview, and let him describe the project in more detail at that point.

On a practical level, job postings really ARE previewed before being made public, and oDesk does respond quickly when job postings which are genuinely inappropriate are flagged by users. I know, because I have posted many jobs and occasion oDesk has asked that they be refined before being released. I have also seen many job postings removed within minutes after I flagged them for being inappropriate. This doesn't mean that the process is perfect, but there is a system in place, a system which is constantly being refined and improved upon.

Finally, I doubt that you can recall from memory or do a search and find any examples of job postings which did not garner any candidates because they were too vague. There are LOTS of contractors on oDesk vying for jobs, and there are many who will apply to a new job posting with few candidates. If the client with a brief job posting finds that he is attracting the wrong cross section of candidates because his posting did not provide enough details, then I give him enough credit to believe he will refine his posting to make it more clear what he is looking for.