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Memberships and Connects - Community FAQs

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Vijay K Member Since: Feb 20, 2015
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Agency have any 60 connects for month and need to 20 buy for $20 then i can share with another company members? If I Finish my 80 connects within less than a week then i can buy more connects. It will be very expensive and have no gaurantee to get projects and earning?but its expensive in my glance. because $1 for 1 connect. 1 dollar in India - near about 63 rupees.


it for monthly not weekly.  It too much expensive. i think i have to spend 25000 rupees/month. and have no gaurantee to get earning. so it is main issue


I always agree with odesk rules. I request only please cheap price for connects.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Vijay,


After carefully reviewing the application behavior of agencies in our workplace, we found that over 70% of active agencies, even those with large teams, submit fewer than 30 applications per month. We thus felt that a budget of 60 Connects per month (approximately 30 applications) would still allow most agencies to be successful, while reducing the number of unnecessary applications that are sent overall. With the Agency Plus Membership you will receive 80 Connects per month (shared among your team) and the ability to roll over unused Connects to the following month.


~ Valeria
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Muhammad T Member Since: Nov 13, 2010
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To be honest, I'm really not thrilled by these changes and despite the promises being made at the merger regarding our concerns, this is going in the same direction gradually.


Regarding automatically hidden applications, I don't think you'll ever get this thing to work any good. How would you filter a job post being wrongly categorised and can only get correct details once you get in touch with the client.


I've received quite a lot of such kind of invites (wrongly categorised, wrong tags added 'These cat/tags are the one to which I'm subscribed'), and then I had to decline the offer by Job not Fit for my Skills, how do you tackle such issues?


Doesn't this affect my profile? and when I apply for some relative jobs from the same category.


Regarding connect system, yes you should've limited the available Quota which would have done the same thing. Everyone will take the job quota seriously once there limit is reduced.


So connect system is just to introduce Membership plans and nothing else.

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Pat P Member Since: Nov 26, 2013
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What makes oDesk different from Elance?


The fundamental difference was Elance was paid and oDesk wasn't.

Furthmore 60 connects will really work out to 30 (probably more like 20) if most jobs will cost 2 connects with half of the jobs that people applying to being dead-ends with no hires.

This is the worst decision oDesk could have made and disguising this as something we wanted is insulting

"YOU ASKED FOR A PAID SITE SO WE MADE IT A PAID SITE" is a complete lie and insulting. The other post has 47 pages of freelancers complaining, this page is already at 5. If you were truly listening you would not implement this plan. This was purely put in place by greed.


It would have been better to have been honest or even try to disguise this as neccessary due to operational costs and not like it was something freelancers (you driving force) requested.

For me it doesn't impact me. $10 isn't much, but it really, really urks me the way it was presented as this was something any freelancer wanted. On top of that some posted the direct quote from the time of the merger saying "we don't plan on making this a paid site".

Again, for me $10 isn't the end of the world, but I don't do business with companies that have no intergrity. I don't drink Starbucks, eat Jimmy Johns, or shop at Wal-Mart. Looks like I won't be freelancing through oDesk.


Also, someone in another thread made a good point. This will affect much more those in India, or Thailand, as $10 is much more impactful.

All it takes is one site to pop up with a similar structure to what oDesk had and BAM, everyone will gravitate to there—and rightfully so.



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Mattia G Member Since: Mar 10, 2014
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I must say I'm not really excited about the newly announced features. I can't afford a paid membership, so I won't take any advantage from it.

That being said, I never actually send out more than 10-15 applications per month, so that "connects" thing won't really have a huge impact on my routine here.

When applying to new jobs, I rarely check out what other freelancers are bidding, since I simply don't care about "competitors": I know the value of my services, and I bid accordingly.


Maybe I'll find it more difficult to get new jobs... or maybe not, who knows? I'm taking all this "new mess" as a challenge:  Will I be good enough to compete against paying members?  [...bets his first five "connects" Smiley LOL ]



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Jeri B Member Since: Feb 15, 2010
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Is there an implementation timeline?



Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Jeri,


These solutions will roll out to our Community over the next several weeks. We will follow up with all freelancers with more information about the timing of the rollout and what you need to do.

~ Valeria
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Faheem K Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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These solutions will roll out to our Community over the next several weeks. We will follow up with all freelancers with more information about the timing of the rollout and what you need to do.


Here is what most of us are thinking.

If you wanna do it and Yes you will do it , no matter what it takes , So do it now .

What's keeping you guys . You are the Owner of the site and can do whatever you like.


That's my suggestion , though I Know this is gonna be wasted .


If you Really want to make things better for freelancer , Skip the Paid part only . 

Give 60 connects to every one and some needs more then review his application . If he is worthy of it then gave him more else reject him with reason .


But you are not gonna do that because this will cause decline in your Profits. 




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Anna-Maria S Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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If I understand well, even though you're pretending you are listening to our opinion and concerns, in the end you'll do what you want whatever the whole community thinks of it. Am I right?


Let's imagine that after implementing all changes, the majority of your clients and freelancers leave oDesk because they can't stand that one of the best job boards still existing turned into an nth ersatz of the worst job boards out there. Would you consider coming back to the fondamentals, or would you let your marketplace sink?

Community Guru
Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Anna-Maria,

We appreciate the comments here and we are closely listening to your feedback. We have arrived at this decision carefully, including research with users, discussions with some of you, and feedback collected from clients. We’ve also carefully studied the impact this change will have on the marketplace and we are confident this is the right thing to do for the betterment of the marketplace. We want clients to more easily find you. We want clients to better hire you.


As with any other significant change to the marketplace, we're going to carefully monitor its implications on business. How successful are clients after this change? How successful are freelancers after this change? We keep a close eye on all performance indicators such as spend from clients, money earned by freelancers, end-of-job Feedback and other ratings, etc. This change is no different. We'll review it and evolve if we find room for improvement.