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More Connects to win more of the work you love

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Katrina B Top Rated Manager Member Since: Sep 3, 2013
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UPDATE: This is already live. You’ll see these free Connects added to your account at the start of your next billing cycle. You can find this date on your Memberships and Connects page under User Settings.

If you take the Upwork Readiness test the 40 Connects will be automatically added to your account. 



In December, we’re upgrading Connects to provide you free monthly Connects and bonus Connects for interviews you win. You’re doing amazing things on Upwork, and more Connects means more chances to do the work you love. 


We’ve seen a huge surge in client activity, and our work marketplace is full of opportunities for all the incredible talent on our platform. We can’t wait to watch you use these Connects to win your share of these opportunities, form stronger relationships with clients, and grow your career on Upwork.


We introduced paid Connects to keep spam from crowding out your proposals and help you win the jobs you want. But we want to ensure connecting with clients is exciting and affordable, so we’re changing our program to provide you with the Connects you need to build deeper relationships and unlock the best opportunities.


Here’s exactly what you can expect:


New Talent

Receive 40 free Connects with an additional 40 free Connects for passing the Upwork Readiness Test.

Freelancer Basic Plan

Receive 10 free Connects per month (according to billing cycle)

Freelancer Plus Plan

Receive 80 Connects per month (70 + 10 free Connects)

(according to billing cycle)

Connects Rollover Limits

 The Basic and Plus roll over limit is now 200 Connects

Interview Requests (NEW)

Each interview request you (freelancers and agencies) receive and respond to from a submitted proposal earns 10 free Connects (maximum of 50 Connects per 7-day period)*



In December, you’ll see these free Connects added to your account at the start of your next billing cycle. You can find this date on your Memberships and Connects page under User Settings. You’ll also receive an email when your Connects are available for use.


These changes will create more opportunities for everyone in our community, and we’re continuing to explore other ways to show our appreciation for everything you do. Your success is our success, and we’re proud to provide a home where you can do the work you love, form lucrative relationships, and build an amazing independent business.


Learn more about how Connects work here

Update 7/23/2021: Note that when Connects are awarded for interview requests this will show up as two transactions in the Connects History. There is no change to how these are awarded, this is simply done for accounting purposes.

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Jose M Member Since: Nov 19, 2020
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I finally see a meaningful attitude. The more proposals you have, the better the chances of the contracers being successful.
In my opinion, 10 credits is very LITTLE, in the past they gave 60.
Most good jobs require 6 credits, believe it or not you depend on freelancers, even though they are constantly being renewed, that's it and that's it!
The more proposal there is, the more percentage of work delivered and the more successful it will be, the higher your commission will be. If you want to increase revenue, bet on advertising for example, but guarantee PF the viability for freelancers, only then will the contracteres (the money men) have reason to use your platform.

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Osman A Member Since: Nov 24, 2020
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Awesome,a great news to heard. I personally thank the committee and the upwork team for the support they are going to provide to us.
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Pankaj T Member Since: Sep 26, 2017
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I totally agree with you, Mr. Jose. 10 Free connects are too little.

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Sajib I Member Since: Sep 26, 2019
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Very few connections for new freelancers . I want the upwork team to add some more free connections . Mr. Pankaj 

Community Guru
Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Sajib, just mentioning that most starting freelancers don't yet understand that to build a business you have to spend some of your resources, either time or money.


What's the cost of 6 Connects compared to a good project that you get? Peanuts, right?


So, no need to worry about the price of Connects or how many you get for free.


If you know your ideal clients and you also know what makes them tick, all you need is 6 or less Connects to get one project. ;-)

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Jose M Member Since: Nov 19, 2020
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Hi Miko,
I think Madame Katrina B opened a "pandora" box when publishing a CEO's decision.
But let's be observers:
-First, everything is extremely important that UpWork really promotes successes, otherwise it would not justify its existence.
-There will be, as long as there is UpWork, entry and exit of freelancers and contracters. So it is necessary not to prevent its replacement with protectionist measures as some veterans crave.
-Perceives that some published works are for students who want someone to do their homework, others are works that even those who publish them do not understand them (I remember a job that the contracter paid close to $ 60 but implied a sensor that cost more than $ 60 alone, ridiculous.
Anyway, everything is work as long as there are those who do it and so UpWork receives for it.
-But it is important not to forget that we must let natural selection do its job, and this is always on an increasing scale. In freelancers, in contracters, on platforms, in life, as in everything.
-The uproar raised is around an alteration that led to the reduction of proposals that automatically lead to the reduction of contracters and to the price increases requested by freelancers since there are fewer bidders, in my opinion they lose everyone, including UpWork. Although they may try to justify the need for a sieve in the offers, hmmm I don't know if it works.
-But as I mentioned, UpWork is "sovereign" and I want to believe that they have indicators that allow them to see the way forward.
I even believe that this "little" setback is not a matter of chance.
-Then the simple fact that UpWork makes money from contractions that "suck" the credits paid and leave jobs in an undetermined state is something that may seem strange to the most attentive eyes.
-Let it be clear that everyone is important, big jobs, small jobs, good and bad freelancers, good and bad contracters as long as the selection is allowed to work. The problem is when we set out to do your job.

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Nayemul A Member Since: Nov 30, 2020
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Hi Mikko, I am new in this community. So pardon if I sound too naive. Upwork is full of Clients who posts like hundreds of jobs but end up hiring in like 20 of em. Now, you can say we should look for client's background. But upwork doesnt only comprise of Top rated freelancers, there are newbies like us. Lets consider, a client like mentioned above posted a job in a very popular niche, too many freelancers are out there to bid. Consider, It takes 6 connects, if 50 freelancers bid on that, it total sums up to 300 connects upwork has sold to it's freelancers. You can calculate the price of 300 connects. Now if the client ends up hiring no freelancer, just calculate how much money Upwork just made absolutely for nothing! The whole connect concept to me is nothing but a mirage. I hope the community starts seeing these angles too.
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Valentyna I Member Since: Nov 30, 2020
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I completely agree. How quickly the activity ended on Upwork. Free connections ended and it was not possible to make money on new ones.

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Benjamin M Member Since: Dec 10, 2020
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Val, I actually agree with you. As a new freelancer, I have realized that, once you submit a proposal and you're not given the job, then, farewell to your connect😣
Infact, I'd be glad if more connects are given to new freelancers to boost their success rate...