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More Connects to win more of the work you love

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Arun M Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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I total agree..10 free connects are too little.. 

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Farhad K Member Since: Dec 10, 2020
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thank you soo much
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Amir A Member Since: Aug 23, 2020
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That's a really great decision, I think 10 connects is good enough, providing too many connects can make the Upwork so competitive and many freelancers who are not truly passionate about their work can spread the garbage like others freelancers sites, that's the reason Upwork are strict with providing connects because they want to keep the platform clean for Talented freelancers.

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Farooq A Member Since: Apr 24, 2021
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Timely reply to interview message and accepting it also earn you extra 10 points.

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Davide Z Member Since: Nov 1, 2017
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I totally agree with Jose. 10 connects is very little. When I started I had 60 connects every month and, believe it or not, it goes pretty fast. If you want to promote your platform, freelancers need good incentives and to me, this can put most beginners off. The more happy freelancers you make, the more they will recommend your platform and drive traffic here. I have been constantly promoting and recommending Upwork since I started and this is not the best move, to be honest, especially that you made great improvements lately.

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Pankaj T Member Since: Sep 26, 2017
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Exactly Mr.Davide Z. Even I am using this platform since Odesk where initially we are getting 20 BIDS per week. Upwork might consider it as well.

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Md Probal R Member Since: Nov 22, 2016
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I also agree with Josh. 10 connects is very little where where many of the projects require 4-6 connects. If upwork is trying to earn money from connects and from us - freelancers - then we are kind of squezed to apply for more jobs. The business concept should be to providing more connects to freelancers - not only for agencies but also for individuals so that they can send more and more proposals and it is simple to understand that the more we secure our projects, the more upwork also earn. Its a win-win situation. 

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Probal, the platform has been pretty fair from the beginning. Their system, their rules. Perfectly fair.


Those businesses, freelance or agency, who depend on the number of Connects to get any projects going, are simply not doing it right.


It's never about the volume.


The less and the more specific proposals you send, the more efficient your business is.


Upwork enables the best talent to be visible enough to get a constant flow of invitations. Then, you can just pick the ones you like.


So, assuming you WILL get to the top at some point where you don't need to send any proposals anymore, just think of the whole thing as a process that requires an investment. A little bit of time and perhaps some money too. Just calculate the estimated amount and make a business decision of it. Before that, set a realistic goal by looking at how far the top guys have gotten before you.


Highlighting this again: it's perfectly fair.

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Muhammad Fakhir S Member Since: Nov 24, 2020
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Awesome,a great news to heard. I personally thank the committee and the upwork team for the support they are going to provide to us.
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Benson M Member Since: Apr 12, 2017
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Great idea giving free connects, but more needs to be done for the basic accounts, 10 way too low.