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More Connects to win more of the work you love

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Urska S Member Since: Nov 25, 2020
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so true

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Davide, I think the problem with too few Connects relates to the understanding of your ideal clients (or the lack of it).


Alternatively, the proposals lack a clear value proposition or credibility.


Upwork is one of the VERY few platforms where you can define a very nice perfect niche and keep doing business with very specific kinds of people.


(That being said, I'd remove all freebies from this platform to make it fairer from the business-building perspective. The best freelancers always win anyway.)

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Kabirul I Member Since: Aug 23, 2017
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It is a great news to us that upwork has turned their way to a broad for the freelancer. But the amount of connect for basic is just 10! It can not be a logical anymore. Because with this 10 connect we can just submit proposal for 2 or 3 per month. So really it would be harder to win on the job. Therfore requesting upwork please review your plan to raise the amount of connects for basic membership. Thanks.

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Md Abdul Hai S Member Since: Nov 25, 2020
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Awesome, great news!
Thanks a lot Upwork Team.

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Karibul, if your business depends on having a big bunch of FREE Connects, your business strategy (e.g. how to find the right kinds of clients) is probably not yet as polished as it could be. Basically, your approach lacks efficiency, which is the main part of any business.


Nobody should send more than 10 proposals to nail a project. Just focus on those ones that are a perfect match.


If a project I could get pays 20 dollars and I spend one hour doing the work, but I need several hours of work to get that project, it is not a viable business. If that project came to me without any effort, that could be more reasonable.


This wonderful platform even allows you to avoid most of the competition when you play your cards right, so I would never complain even if all Connects cost $1 per piece and all other platform fees would be double. ;-)

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Salam A Member Since: Nov 24, 2020
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Awesome, great news. I  thank the committee and the Upwork team for the support they are going to provide to us.

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Zairah A Member Since: Nov 24, 2020
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This is indeed great news. Thanks Upwork.
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Narendra K Member Since: Nov 24, 2020
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Totally agree with Jose. 10 connects is very very less compare to the previous month's of free connects.

Usually it take 6 for one so technically we can't apply more than 2 for the whole month.

I strongly recommend , team can provide more connects that means more interviews.. more chances to win... These win be win win condition for both.

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Faizan H Member Since: Jan 26, 2019
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Aswome,great news.

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Ammar Q Member Since: Feb 22, 2019
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10 connects are too low even to connect with the two employers. Keep finding the recommendations and your platform's growth just by convincing the community of new freelancers. Once they are prone to your platform, the upwork's business will ultimately boost.