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New Freelancer Profile Layout

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Noman I Member Since: Dec 27, 2019
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Mobile View also good look, Nice Design 

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Gilbert R Member Since: Mar 28, 2017
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Great to see the new layout and great work done by Upwork. Thank you guys for taking it to another level and it will help new freelancers as well to get more projects.  Amazing works! Keeping going. 

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Qaiser S Member Since: Sep 16, 2015
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Nice and clean

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Christopher C Member Since: Nov 27, 2018
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This new profile layout is fine, but the old profile was better for 2 reasons.


Portfolio section: The old portfolio section was bigger showing 4 items at a time with larger thumbnails. This was a much more engaging and prominent way to show off a freelancer profile. This new layout is too small and undervalues the portfolio items. Makes a freelancer's portfolio of work seem less important and has no visual attraction anymore. Bring back the 4 big thumbnail preview style, or give freelancer's the ability to choose which option they want to have on their profile. Portfolio is just as important as work history. The work history thumbnails should be bigger too how it used to be.


Description section: The description section at the top of a freelancer's profile is also too small. Showing even less characters before the "...more" than before. This really limits a freelancer's ability to describe themselves and their background / skills effectively. By making the section initial preview space even less characters than before you are undervaluing a freelancer's own words about themselves. Most potential clients do not click the "...more" to read the complete freelancer description.


Otherwise, the new layout is fine, but I really hope my input is considered to really bring the portfolio sections back to life and the description space back to a reasonable character count in the initial preview space.

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Slava M Member Since: Oct 9, 2018
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I agree with this. Now the project name can consist of very few words and the images are small, it is harder to review portfolio item without opening it and fewer projects displayed. I think 4 big portfolio items are better than 3 smaller.

My thoughts on the update:
1) The old layout felt more structured and less cluttered.

We read information one-by-one at the old layout, we had a clear focus on what we are reading and page wasn't too long for my openion. It felt clean and structured. The current page feels more cluttered and focus is not clear. Visual hierarchy is a weeker at the new layout. If you tested and this layout shows more hire rate — it is great, I hope so. This is the only reason this layout can be better, otherwise old one felt more clean and structured.

2) I like that portfolio displayed at the top of the page. For me, as a designer, it is important to showcase my works and it is great that it comes first.

3) I like that if you have a video introduction it will be displayed more noticeable.

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Susan D Member Since: Nov 5, 2018
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I have to agree with the first text section being too small to make a good impact.

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Mohammad M Member Since: Jul 15, 2020
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Thanks a million. Hope that will be great..

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Oren T Member Since: Oct 23, 2017
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Very nice


This is exciting for me with my 450 jobs under "all work"


I think it is a gerat time to update profiles better then ever during the pandemic erra.




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Ehab A Member Since: Apr 11, 2020
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I like it so much

Community Guru
Rafsun S Member Since: Feb 10, 2018
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I can see the new look of my profile now. It's beautiful!