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New Identity Verification Badge available soon for Top Rated Freelancers

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Neha S Member Since: Apr 28, 2019
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I want ID verification, please send me link.

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Neha,


Are you referring to our new Identity badge? If you are eligible, you’ll be notified upon log in to complete the verification process by uploading an official government-issued ID and meeting with our team for a short video call. Thank you.

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Mijula B Member Since: Jul 17, 2017
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My citizenship ID is in the native language. Is it ok for the verification badge?

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Mijula,


Thanks for reaching out to us. This isn't a problem, please submit your ID and proceed with completing the verification process. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions about any step of the process.

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Md.Limon M Member Since: Mar 7, 2015
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I completed my identity verification before. Recwntly I have got a notification that" Earn an Identity Verified badge to make your profile more trustworthy – available to Top Rated freelancers now."


Is it necessary to verify again?

I created my Upwork profile with current address but government-issued ID has  parmanent address


Is it possible to change parmanent one?

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Md., 


As part of our efforts to keep Upwork safe and fraud-free, we sometimes need to ask users to verify their identities again. In this case, the Identity Verification badge is completely optional, as is the verification process to earn it.


You may read more about it here.

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MD S Member Since: Apr 24, 2019
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I am a Proudly member of the upwork team. I am 19 years old. I see my profile need to verify identity card for made a trust for me to the clients. It's a great process.
But, In this case for my government id card have some issue, In this time, I am not able to provide my Government id card. I already submitted my passport form to the passport office. But Passport office says it will take 1.5 months to provide me the passport. What can I do in this situation?
Thank you

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Md,


Feel free to start the process once you`re ready and you have the appropriate documentation to send to our team. Thank you.

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Lena E wrote:

We will soon be releasing a new Identity Verified badge for Top Rated freelancers. This badge will display on Top Rated freelancers’ profiles after they have gone through the identity verification flow.


Many of you have already completed some form of identity verification on Upwork, whether through a video call or by submitting your identity documents. However, clients cannot see this information and are not aware when a freelancer takes steps to verify their identity on Upwork.


With this new badge, freelancers now have the ability to proactively verify their identity, and showcase the verification publicly on their profiles. Some Top Rated freelancers may have already verified their identity with Upwork in the past and may see a verified badge on their profile once this feature launches.


IDV Badge1.png

We will start by rolling this out to Top Rated freelancers over the next few months. When you become eligible, we will notify you when you log in to complete the verification process by going to your Settings and selecting Identity Verification.


IDV 2.png 

As part of the verification process you will be asked to upload an official government-issued ID and complete a short video call with us.  Once you’ve completed the verification process, the “Verified Identity” check mark will be shown beside your profile photo and name.  The badge will display with hover-over text, letting clients know that you’ve verified your identity with Upwork.


IDV 3.png 

Although this badge will only be available to Top Rated freelancers for now, we do plan to expand the program in the future and will update you when this is available.

As freelancers, you’ve built your reputation on Upwork through feedback, showing a strong work history on your profile, and through the stellar work product you deliver.  We’re hoping that this new Identity Verified badge will help you further establish confidence and credibility with clients and better promote your freelance business. You can find more information in our Help Center articleIf you have any questions or comments, let us know. 


Questions, no. Comments, yes.


Lena - If I have to go through this again (which I'm hoping I won't), I hope the process is better streamlined and thought out than it was when I went through it. It was nothing short of a nightmare, as you know. PLEASE don't make us communicate with 20 different CSRs, all of them with conflcting answers to questions asked, all of them seemingly clueless because one hand wasn't talking to the other.



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Isabelle Anne A Member Since: May 19, 2014
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I think this is a good step because of all the scammers on the site. I had to provide my government ID when I started out on oDesk, and I had to go through the video verification process (2-3 min) a while back when they were "randomly" selecting people to do that. So I've already got my verification badge.


However, I'm a little confused as to why this is being rolled out slowly ... Isn't it just as important -- if not more -- to get new freelancers verified? Top Rated freelancers are usually legit, but there are so many obviously fake and duplicate profiles that need to be prioritized for verification.


@Virginia, if you've gone through the verification process, I don't see why you should have to do it again. Hasn't the verification badge appeared on your profile yet?