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May 02, 2022
New Upwork Academy Courses

We are thrilled to announce that on April 29, Upwork Academy–a learning space that supports customers as they build their businesses on Upwork–published six new on-demand courses. These professional offerings support freelancers on their Upwork journey by educating them about the best practices on the platform.

“These new courses cover additional topics that we have heard independent professionals on Upwork asking for. We believe the new content will help new users get started and clarify concepts for existing users,” shares Hailey Kilbarger, Upwork Academy Customer Education and Training Specialist.

Now, freelancers can complete these new courses at their own pace:

  1. Working With Clients
  2. Badges & Achievements 
  3. Work Contracts
  4. Work Diary
  5. Getting Paid
  6. Setting Your Rate

While browsing the options, freelancers can first consider taking the Badges & Achievements course. “It’s one of my personal favorites because it visually breaks down the different talent badges on Upwork and lays out the requirements and benefits of each badge,” says Kilbarger. After completing a course, freelancers can submit feedback on how to make the learning experience better. 

Upwork Academy fully launches in June and will continue expanding its course content to address other topics of interest to the community. For more information on Upwork Academy, visit our FAQ article.


Christopher F.

Content Program Manager, Community