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New Who Viewed for Job Posts and My Profile concept

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Phyllis,


I'm checking about this with the team and will post an update here once we know more. Thanks for flagging!


Update: to clarify the Profile Views This Week shows the number of views this week while the number at the bottom of the page shows the number of views in the last 60 days. The numbers that show on this page (profile page views) are different from My Stats that show number of distinct people who have viewed your profile tile in search results.

~ Valeria
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Flavio S Member Since: Nov 19, 2015
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So, should we apply to the job posts from where we have been seen?

Or actually not because... they saw us and they didn't like us? Smiley LOL


I'm wanting to know the real benefits of this feature thanks.

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Jamie F Member Since: Mar 7, 2010
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Just recieved this email.

Hi Jamie,


We're testing new functionality that will let you gain insights into who's viewing your profile and how your profile views are trending. We believe this will make it easier and faster for you to reach out to interested clients with more proposals.


Upwork Celebration


We encourage you to regularly check this page as a tool to win more work, more clients and improve your visibility on Upwork.

It sounds good to me. Not sure yet how I can use the information to my advantage, but it's difficult to spot any negatives at first glance. 

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Jamie F Member Since: Mar 7, 2010
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Jamie F wrote:

Not sure yet how I can use the information to my advantage,

Having said that, information so far tells me people looking at my profile tend to be in eCommerce. If that trend continues then I will be able to adapt my profile. (And maybe add a specialised profile). 

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Jamie F Member Since: Mar 7, 2010
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This is the information it gives. 


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Ashwani K G Member Since: Jan 27, 2017
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My agency already has a Agency Plus membership, however, when I go to "Who Viewed My Profile" page it shows me a button saying "Upgrade my membership" and when I click on that, it shows me "Your profile is not yet approved"


Please clarify it for me





Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Ashwani, 

You will need to switch to your Freelancer account first, before being able to access this page of your freelancer account. Please try switching to your freelancer account, and let me know if you're still unable to access the page. 

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Amanda P Member Since: Dec 27, 2019
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Upwork Developers

Can you please STOP sending me this email. I just received 24 in less than 5 minutes. I clicked unsubscribe but they still come. It’s really annoying and I cannot get them to stop.
Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Amanda,


I`m sorry about the inconvenience this had caused you. Our team will investigate it further and make sure that you`re not receiving multiple emails with the same topic. Thank you.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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oh mannn when I was deving I made this mistake before and spammed people with thousands of emails. I almost got fired too. I feel for the dev. Now I look back and think "ooops" but haha oh man the rage and the hate I got at the time.