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New pricing live for all freelancers and clients

Community Manager
Garnor M Community Manager Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I'd like to remind you all of some important news.



As we announced in May and posted again a few weeks ago, today our new pricing structure goes into effect for all freelancers on new contracts.


Note, non-Enterprise, active contracts that qualify for the reduced fee of 5% will see this change immediately, but all other active contracts will remain at their current rate. For freelancers, it is only new contracts that will see the new sliding service fee, meaning you’ll see the new rate when submitting proposals on new contracts.


For more information on the new fee structure for freelancers, click here.



Today also marks the start of the payment processing fee for clients. Clients will begin to see a per-payment processing charge on existing and new contracts moving forward. For more information on the payment processing fee, click here.


These changes are starting to go live now and will take a few hours or so to appear across the entire site and for all users. I’ll reply back here when the changes are live to everyone.

There has been a lot of discussion on these changes in the past month. We’ve done our best to summarize the questions/comments in the original posts here for freelancers and here for clients. If you have any new questions or comments to add after seeing these changes when submitting proposals, receiving payments or making payments (clients), we’ll respond to them here and in other discussion threads on the Community.

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Nicolas R Member Since: Jun 21, 2016
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You want to take more money, I can understand, it's your choice. But who did have the idea to justify it by "it's to encourrage a long and substantial relationships on Upwork" ?????


I'm quitting upwork. I have ohter accounts on other freelancing platforms.

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NIrav S Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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This is really massive fees being charged by  upwrook. 


Most of my contract are of fixed price and below 500 USD, and paying 20% cuts huge profit from me as I have been already working on lower cost due to competiton. 



Community Leader
Sue B Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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I am VERY dispppointed with this massive increase in fees for under $500 and also for HOURLY jobs.

Had a bid in last week, client only just today hit "AWARD" and so now Upwork is taking about $4.00 PER HOUR MORE than when I placed the bid.

Can't really upcharge the client now. Will have to eat that loss.


Really unhappy with this new 20% fee, looking to build my off-Upwork clientele.

Had hopes when I was transported here from Elance but now, not so much at all.



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Clemen C Member Since: Apr 5, 2016
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I have the same exact dilema!


I have a fixed-price contract that I sent proposal to befor ethe sliding fees was activated, the client awarded the job to me on the day the sliding fees was activated, and I see in my pending earnings that 20% i bening taken away instead of the 10% that was proposed. Proposal should be priority!

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Nelson D Member Since: Jun 21, 2016
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I am very disappointed with this fee structure as it goes against us, freelancers and, at the end, to clients who will pay for all.

By being transferred from Elance to Upwork I found out that it is more dificult to get Jobs and this increase of fees that only benefit Upwork does not help.

Offers will be higher and budgets are getting lower everyday.

Upwork works if clients and freelancers are satisfied otherwise everybody will go away.

I do hope that Upwork comes to reality and ends this unbelievable fee structure.


Community Leader
Richard T Member Since: May 26, 2016
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**edited for Community Guidelines**


First of all, you dont deserve 20% of anything for this platform. Period. There are other paltforms that provide the exact same services ( and some that supply more) and the same assurances for half that cost.


Second, you just hurt your own clients. For example, I have 5 to 6 tests I have done here on Upworks that put me in the top 10% to 20% range of Everyone on Upworks for each one...Not just one test result.

And specifically because of this pricing policy, I no longer can or will consider any client with a one-off project, a project less than $500, or is not guarunteed to be an ongoing deal. If a client cannot prove to me that there will be steady work for the long haul, Im not even going to waste my time bidding or accept any invitation to do work. Its simply financially stupid for me to do so.

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Clare Anne R Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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Initially I was feeling Man Frustrated about these changes. But on reflection, all us freelancers have the ability to Up our rates just as Upwork does. So I guess it is a case of charging a little more to cover costs.


Alot of people are underpaid for the work they are doing here anyway. So this might be incentive to get clients to pay reasonable rates for everyone. Those clients who are penny pinching and looking for stuff done for nothing will probably disappear, but the decent ones who can afford to pay a fair wage, will likely continue to post their jobs here.



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Yazeed H Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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@Clare R: "Those clients who are penny pinching and looking for stuff done for nothing will probably disappear, but the decent ones who can afford to pay a fair wage"


Spoiler Alert: 95% of clients turn to freelancing websites because they cannot afford to hire a full-time employee or they have limited budget to work with, it is not like they have sacks of money and they refuse to pay from it, only 5% of clients or less have decent budgets and turn to freelancing websites because they dont want to hire a full-time employee as hiring a freelancer is somehow risk free and can always terminate the contract or find other one to do the job if the hired freelancer is not up to the task.

so a proper translation for what you are saying: "95% of clients will go away and only 5% of clients will stay and pay the extra charges to compensate the freelancers"

anyway, there is no point in debating now, the damage is already done, upwork will eventually revert back to their original prices as they will take hard losses from this new policy but i'm afriad it will be too late since most of clients have already left.

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Román René O Member Since: Dec 10, 2015
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You will raise your fees, and that money still goes to Upwork. As a result you are still underpaid but Upwork gets more money.