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No feedback contracts no longer impact Job Success Score (JSS)

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Lucio Ricardo M Member Since: May 16, 2018
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In the case where the client don't approve the work and don't like it, he/she shouldn't use this work. And, the only case when the client should not pay (or stlll not pay) is when the job did not met the requirements. When the client theirselves don't know what they need, or when they fail to describe adequately, it is not freelancer fault. And for such cases, freelancers should be protected. And it is not fair if clients refuse to pay and Upwork give him the reason with a skewed balance. Neither if they force you to go into a 3, digit fee arbitration for a $50 or $100 work. Which, if I am not in an economic strain would do for the client not to be let to do whatever he/she wants.

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Pearlene T Member Since: Nov 6, 2020
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@Lucio Ricardo M, You could not have described the situation better. It is like you must always and if they were to go establishments outside of Upwork they would have pay upfront before work even begins. It is so unfair. Upwork needs to screen the Clients  and their willingness to pay. and be fair just before they come on this community

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Peg B Member Since: Oct 31, 2019
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You can charge a deposit as a milestone. I hired another freelancer this way, she wanted 1/3 as a deposit. I think it should be more encouraged. I haven’t done it myself but it made me think I should at this point!
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Job E Member Since: Sep 22, 2018
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This would be a great move. Some of my previous clients did not share feedbacks because they don't want to cut their connection with me which results in reducing my scores. 

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Md Nabin U Member Since: Nov 8, 2020
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Thanks for Such Decision that, No feedback contracts will no longer impact Job Success Score (JSS)

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Grace Gabriella P Member Since: Jul 24, 2017
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I agree with this completely. I've had a few clients completely new to Upwork, who have never used the platform and have decided after receiving the work (which was, in all honest, as perfect and top quality as it could be) that they nolonger wanted to pay/honor the agreement. This was when my job success score was 90%+ as well and I had multiple raving reviews.


After contacting support and complaining, Upwork favored the client! I was treated quite inferiorly....

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Pearlene T Member Since: Nov 6, 2020
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This is always the case. This unfair treatment MUST stop. Upwork has a clause for non-payment yet they are unwilling to enforce it. I think when they do that we should ask Upwork to pay for the Contract then they might start doing something about it. This type of conduct is called railroading and clients have always been getting away with this and Upwork is always unwilling to remove them from the Community..

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Mahak J Member Since: Jun 20, 2020
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Me too. I am so annoyed by this private feedback. If Upwork clients are not happy with the work, then they should let us know. I am more than happy even to return their money. But getting replies like the work is great and everything and still getting bad "private feedback" and 5* rating is not fair for the freelancer. 


What am I supposed to do if the client is saying on my face that your work is great? Even when I ask them that if you want, I am more than happy to edit it for you, but still, they say no, the work is flawless and give 5* rating publically but privately, just ruining the freelancer's profile.

The unfair treatment should stop, and I agree with this. There should not be private feedback. Feedback is for the public to view. The whole point of reviewing or leaving feedback is for other clients to know how the freelancer is performing, not how the freelancer is being betrayed and manipulated by the clients. If I don't like a client, I have the guts to tell them in their public feedback, and I will not leave private feedback to pretend.

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Deseree L Member Since: Jan 11, 2016
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Most of the Upwork staff dictating these changes, and frankly the majority
of Upwork's senior managers, have never worked on the platform. Even still,
with all of the complaints they've received even from Top-Rated,
long-standing freelancers about this private feedback, nothing has been
done about it. Freelancers have been voicing these concerns ever since the
Elance transition to Upwork, and the concerns have fallen on deaf ears.
Instead, they come out with other patronizing features and ignore the real
changes needed that have caused freelancers to leave the platform. Private
feedback is in NO WAY helping clients and freelancers or improving the
platform. It's manipulative!
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Lena M Member Since: Jul 27, 2020
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Yes, I absolutely agree! 

Feedback should be constructive criticism. In a feedback, the client should let the freelancer know what he/she did good and what he/she should work on in the future. If the feedback is private it defeats the whole point. How is a freelancer supposed to know what to change if he/she doesn't know what was wrong in the first place?

This is not constructive critisicism, only unfair!